Why some women prefer to pay a man to fuck?

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It may sound surprising, but paying for sex is no longer just for men. More and more women are using the paid services of male professionals such as Escort boys, Gigolos, or Erotic masseurs in order to satisfy their sexuality. So why this evolution towards these new forms of male prostitution, and what are the motivations of these women? Vincent Body Expert explains the profiles and expectations of this new clientele, as well as the development of an appointment.


The beauty of the customers will depend on their social class and therefore on the level of the prices applied by the professional who will attract or eliminate a social class.

The influence of prices on customers

The lower and more affordable the professional’s prices, the more it will attract customers from a lower social class. As for the higher class, it will consider that the prices are not sufficiently expensive and will not be interested because it will imagine that it is about a service of low quality.
And conversely, the higher the professional’s prices, the more he will attract a clientele of a high social class who will interpret that they are dealing with high-end service. On the other hand, it will eliminate the lower social class which will not be able to afford its benefits.

Low social class

You should know that the lower the social class of customers, the less attractive women are. Their low purchasing power and their lack of nutritional knowledge mean that they are more likely to buy cheaper products therefore more loaded with fats and sugars. As a result, these women are quantitatively more affected by overweight and obesity. In addition, having a lower purchasing power, these women register less in gyms, and are more often found to be overweight. Lastly, women from a small social class have more often lost the notion of femininity both in terms of clothing and hair. Fashion for the poor is often eccentric, and fashion for the rich for elegance.

Beauty ratio: 60% of pretty customers against 40% less pretty.

High social class

beauté femme paye pour du sexe

Conversely, the higher the social class of customers, the more attractive they are. Their purchasing power being greater, they can buy better quality foods that are lower in fat and sugar, have better nutritional knowledge, and are therefore thinner. Having more purchasing power, they enroll more in gyms, and regularly participate in physical activity in order to always have the line. More money also means more elegant and feminine clothes, and less visual eccentricity.

Beauty ratio: 85% beautiful women for 15% less beautiful

Beautiful women make appointments more easily

Regardless of social class, the prettiest women are mostly those who make the most appointments, and the explanation is very simple. Women who feel pretty are more comfortable with their bodies, are more proud to show it, and therefore make appointments more easily. And conversely, women who feel less pretty have more complexes with their bodies, have less desire to show it, and therefore make fewer appointments.


The age of the clientele is linked to 2 factors. There is the period when sexuality is most active, that is to say between 20 and 45 years, and the period when women have the most purchasing power, that is to say between 27 and 45 years old. And so we obtain a clientele on average between 27 and 45 years old, with occasional younger and older customers.


Women in their twenties

Women from 20 to 29 years old usually make an appointment for fun in order to test a new erotic experience because they are in a period when they want to discover their sexuality or exceed their limits.
Although these young women are interested, they are in the minority because of their low purchasing power linked to studies and first odd jobs, as well as the search for a man to build a couple. There is rarely a second appointment.

Women in their thirties

Women aged 30 to 39 are looking for performance and endurance, and around 50% are in a relationship. They use a sex worker because their spouse or partners they meet do not meet their expectations, and they are bored sexually. These thirties have an often very active and sometimes libertine sexuality, and are tired of men who encounter problems of endurance, precocity, erection, who are too sweet, or who are unable to give them orgasms.
They therefore prefer to turn to a professional and pay for sex to have the guarantee of performance, to have fun at all levels, but also to have sex without commitment because they are fed up with guys who fall in love for a one night fuck.

Another point, women aged 30 to 39 have a more developed professional career and have access to better-paid jobs than women in their twenties. As their purchasing power is greater, these women make appointments more easily and more regularly. Without playing on words, it’s a very loyal customer.

Women in their thirties still virgins

Among women in their thirties, there is also a minority of women who are still virgins, on the order of less than 1%, and who contact a professional to deflower them. They explain that they have never had sex in their life because they had personal difficulties. Then when they felt more comfortable and ready to have sex with a man, they found that all of their suitors fled systematically at the announcement of their virginity. So these women are looking for a sex worker to deflower them in order to come back to the men without being virgins, and to no longer scare them.

Women in their forties

Women aged 40 to 49, who prefer to go to a professional and pay to fuck, are 70% of women who are divorced or in the process of separation and whose motivations vary.
On the one hand, there are those who want to fuck like tigresses to catch up with an unsatisfactory or declining sexuality during their relationship, and who represent a large and regular customer over the long term.
Then there are those who want to update themselves to make sure they’re not zero by coming back to the single market. So they ask lots of advice to improve themselves. This category is more in the minority and usually does not take more than 2 or 3 appointments before leaving to hunt.


Appointment booking and filter

For starters, women search the internet for the professional they want. Then they contact him either by phone, sms, or email. There is rarely word of mouth as most want to be discreet about this type of adventure.

During this first contact, the professional will establish a filter in order to eliminate all the customers likely to pose a problem on the day of the appointment. For this, he analyzes the behavior of his interlocutors as much as possible via their verbal or written communication. It eliminates all potential customers who show authoritarianism or arrogance. It eliminates all those whose words are considered inconsistent or having an abnormally too slow or too rapid speech rate because this could reflect either a problem of mental faculties, or excessive consumption of alcohol or narcotic products. It also eliminates all weather vanes that constantly change the date or time of their appointment, because it breaks the schedule and prevents the realization of more serious appointments. It eliminates all those who demand a multitude of whims for their date, simply because they are daredevil profiles. And finally, it eliminates all those who indicate that they are in a relationship and want to fuck at their home while the spouse is away.

Of all the requests, approximately 25% are eliminated. As for the others, the appointment is validated after having checked the respective availabilities, and confirmed the address of the meeting place.

The presentation

The first thing the professional does when meeting his customer is to make her comfortable by talking to her. He can ask her if she lives here or if she is visiting for holidays or business, how she knew him, etc. Then very quickly, the conversation takes place naturally.

Ask the customer the intensity she wants

Once the presentations are over, you will have to ask the customer what formula she wants. Does she want something sweet, dynamic, or dominated? This is the only info the professional needs to guide the session. This is followed by the payment regulations, the amount of which will be proportional to the intensity it has chosen.

The music playlist

The last step before the fucking will be to prepare a musical atmosphere whose rhythm of the music will be adapted to the rhythm of the fucking that she has chosen. For information, each playlist is designed to last 1 hour, which will allow the end of the playlist to know that an hour has passed and the session is over. It’s better than watching the time on a watch or alarm clock where the customer feels like she’s timed.

Hot undressing

Regarding the undressing part, it is up to the professional to undress the customer. Women love men who take initiative. So you have to be creative and know how to strip them completely or partially in a scorching fashion.


The professional always comes with his condoms and only uses his own. He never accepts those that a customer might suggest to him in order to avoid a possible condom pierced by the needle so that the woman becomes pregnant, or a condom of the wrong size.

90% of customers want wild sex

It may seem surprising, but 90% of customers, young or older, all ask for wild, dynamic, beastly and lasting sex. They want to feel a man’s strength and feel dominated. At the end of the session, they must have perspired, been short of breath, had one or more orgasms, and the next day they had aches. If you do not meet these criteria, you are fired, and there is never a second chance. If these women decide to pay for sex, instead of fucking for free with any man, it is to have a higher performance than other men. Consequently, they are uncompromising on the level of performance.

10% of customers want sweetness

Much more in the minority, only 10% of women ask for benefits with softness or sensuality. Usually, they are women with a reserved profile, a little shy.

How do you know what a woman likes or dislikes?

The professional does not have a month, a week, or a day to understand how the customer’s body works, and he cannot afford to ask the woman the question about what she likes. or not as a technique or position. As a professional, he is supposed to be an Expert and know everything. He must therefore never ask technical questions to his customer under penalty of passing for a beginner and being dismissed at the end of the 1st appointment.

The professional has only 1 hour before him, and must discover from the first 5 minutes how she takes pleasure in order to adapt fucking techniques for the remaining time. For that, it will be necessary to show speed of observation and adaptation. He will quickly test 3 different stimulations, a clitoral, a vaginal, and an anal, to find out if they all turn her on or not, and what she prefers. And according to the woman’s reactions, he will orient his fingering and fucking techniques, favor or eliminate certain penetration angles, do anal or not, etc. Of course, the customer does not realize these different tests and analyzes because they are carried out naturally and in the heat of the moment.

The customer doesn’t have to be beautiful

Whether the customer is beautiful or ugly, the professional will have to give the maximum. The customer pays for a service, so you have to offer her something for her money. From a mechanical point of view, if the woman is not attractive enough, it will be enough for the professional to focus on another source of excitement than beauty to trigger and maintain the erection.

The customer doesn’t need to know how to fuck

If the customer does not know how to fuck or only moderately, the professional will never make the remark to her and will never let appear a dissatisfaction. He’ll always make her feel like it’s the best. And if she asks what her level is, he’ll tell her where to improve and show her how. Thus, the customer is always satisfied.

Women’s endurance

The fucking endurance of women will vary according to the intensity of the rhythm that the man will use. If they have chosen a gentle formula, they can fuck 40 minutes without stopping. But if they chose a hard formula, their endurance reduced enormously to arrive at 20 minutes on average. They can then resume but with compulsory breaks.

End of session

The professional ends the session either on the woman’s last orgasm, or by completely exhausting her until she gives up.

On the man’s side, he will have the choice either to ejaculate in synchronization with the woman’s orgasm, or to be wanked because women also like to see with their eyes ejaculate a man. Then there is also a minority of women who, after enjoying, do not give a damn about man’s pleasure and do not make him ejaculate.

However, if the professional has many appointments in the same day, he will ejaculate only for the last customer and simulate ejaculation in the condom for the previous ones. This management of the frequency of ejaculation will allow the professional to never have a drop in energy and therefore to maintain an erection always at the top for the whole day. Obviously this technique involves mastering your endurance.

To calmly end the session, everyone breathes and relaxes 5 min lying on the bed while chatting. When the time comes, the professional gets dressed, and collects all of his used condoms whether or not there has been ejaculation so as to leave no trace of his passage and to prevent any theft of used condoms. He takes over all of his belongings, checks to make sure he has not forgotten anything, and wishes his customer a pleasant day.


The size of the cock

Women never ask what is the size of the cock from their Escort, Gigolo, or Masseur before confirming an appointment because they have absolutely nothing to do with it. They know very well that performance is not linked to the number of centimeters, but to the technical skills of the speaker. What the customer will seek in priority from the professional are endurance, her ease in providing orgasms, and her wild side. They especially don’t want a romantic, hesitant guy, etc. They want to fuck with a lion, not a gentleman.

Cock hair & hair removal

Contrary to popular belief, women are not allergic or horrified at the sight of cock hair, quite the contrary. Between the lion with his mane and the hairless cat, I let you guess which one inspires the most strength and is the most attractive.
Beardless men, it’s just an invention of the porn industry for the sake of pedophilia. In real life, male hair removal only reflects an infantile and superficial image.
Furthermore, as a professional, if I had found that keeping my hair was a brake on my customers and that it would have negatively impacted my turnover, you can imagine that I would have removed them immediately. But I noticed the opposite and that the hair is actually attractive because it is perceived as an image of virility.

The beard

In the hair family, the beard is not a brake either. It is in fact perceived as an attractive asset provided that it is natural which will strengthen the image of virility and strength of man. If, on the contrary, the beard is cared for, drawn, or trimmed in an aesthetic manner, it will be perceived as beauty, and no longer as virility and strength. It will therefore become a brake on women who will see in the handsome man either a fashion engraving with which they will not imagine being fucked properly, or a gay with whom they will never want to fuck.


Whatever the clientele he frequents, small, medium or high social class, the professional will favor a rather virile, adventurous outfit, not class or gentleman. Quite simply because women do not imagine being fucked wildly by a guy in a suit, super well dressed, neat, or fashion. The adventurous look has a better impact on the clientele, which visualizes better the image of dynamism that will be transposed during the fucking session.


Unlike men who go to Escort girls for sex but who in a roundabout way often seek to develop a relationship, women are less sentimental than men. When they contact a pro for fucking, it’s only for performance, never for feeling. They never contact him to make a conversation, offer him an outing, a restaurant, or any other private activity.

Another detail, the professional is paid by the hour and not by the half-day or by the night. Quite simply because they do not seek companionship or to spend the night with a man. They want to fuck and go back to their activity once the leg part is up.


Many customers are in a relationship and prefer to pay a professional who guarantees them discretion, rather than resorting to a classic and free lover whose emotional instability could reveal infidelity and harm her couple. Although these women are not sexually satisfied with their spouses, they still want to stay with them because these men have other qualities, are good husbands, good fathers, or provide financial security.


No fucking without a condom

One of the fundamental rules is to never fuck without a condom so that the professional can guarantee his good health constantly, and there is no problem of a customer who becomes pregnant.

No blowjob, no cunnilingus

Always to guarantee good health, unprotected oral intercourse such as blowjob or cunnilingus are eliminated. Even if blowjob can be done with a condom, it is eliminated from the program because women do not like to suck a piece of latex. This absence of oral reports is absolutely not problematic because they are easily compensated for by manual preliminaries such as handjob and fingering.

No physical violence

To ensure his safety, the professional refuses any request for a simulated rape and refrains from leaving physical traces on the customer’s body even if she claims it. So no slap, no strangulation supported for dynamic performances. Anything that can cause confusion and resemble an attack on the law is eliminated from the program.

No sex at the home of a couple customer

All requests to travel to the home of a woman who reports being married and cheating on her partner is denied so that the latter does not accidentally surprise them. You should know that the more financially wealthy the couple, the more likely it is that there will be surveillance cameras within the home. And I know that some spouses monitor their wives from time to time with this device.

One customer experienced this by bringing a lover to her home, and the husband who had been monitoring with cameras since his work broke down, which resulted in a fight, a complaint, and a divorce.

To avoid this kind of problem, an alternative is offered to the customer by suggesting that she book a hotel room.

No fucking in public places

Women who do not know how to control themselves and who scream without restraint when they fuck, it is therefore forbidden for the professional to accept requests to fuck outside to fulfill their fantasy. Their lack of discretion would inevitably attract attention as well as the problems that go with it.

No fucking near children

Another basic rule is to refuse any fuck if children are present in another room. An ethical issue that some customers obviously do not share.

No fucking if the customer seems alcoholic or drugged

Always to ensure his safety, the professional must cancel his fucking session if he finds on the spot that his customer is drunk or under the influence of drugs. The customer no longer having control and having altered reasoning, this can quickly degenerate and turn against the professional. It’s a time bomb. So we pretend a phone call, and an emergency that forces us to turn around. This little diplomatic lie helps defuse an unstable situation.

Detect and eliminate major fakes

False adults are underage girls who try to hide their age by pretending to be 20 or 22 when they make an appointment. These young girls want to either have sex with a pro, or trap and blackmail an adult in order to extort money from him.
To avoid any problem, simply inform them when making an appointment that you will have to present an ID on D-Day. This request is enough to cool the ardor of these minors who instantly cancel their appointment. After this skimming, only the real majors remain who will confirm their appointment by presenting an identity document which is always in conformity.

Never consume a drink or food offered by customers on site

When the professional leaves for an appointment, the latter is dealing with people he does not know and whose intentions he knows are good or bad. Consequently, he will decline any drink and food that he is offered to consume on the spot in order to avoid any risk of being drugged via a trapped diet.


Tell yourself one thing, there’s nothing incredible about women paying for sex. Most men are so bad sexually that women now prefer to pay and have sex with a plastic sex toy rather than finding a free partner and having sex for real. So it was entirely predictable and logical that they would be willing to pay for real sex with a professional if the opportunity arose. Now you know all about the profiles of women who pay to fuck, the male prostitution, and how a date works.

For men and women wishing to acquire professional skills to be ultra efficient and know how to give extreme sensations, I invite you to get the book The Art of Fucking.