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Become a legend of sex and achieve a level of professional performance through a technical formation developed by Instructor Vincent, expert in sexuality. Aimed at men and women, the Sexe Elite Formation will teach you pro techniques unknown to the general public. These will develop your sexual performance, intensify the effects of your current techniques, and allow you to provide your partner with extreme sensations of pleasure and the most powerful orgasms.


Before becoming an Sexe Elite Instructor and giving technical advice, the public knew me as Vincent Body Expert where I worked for 6 years as a Porn Actor and Erotic Masseur. During this period, I fucked with more than a thousand women, social categories, ages and different countries. On this thousand is composed of 1% of actresses and 99% of normal women (students, secretaries, housewives, pregnant women, mothers, married women, divorced women, businesswomen, models, socialwomen, etc) . And among these 99% of women consists of 70% of threesome with couples where both men take care of the woman. Become Expert in sexuality, I now share my knowledge and transmit to men and women all my pro techniques around the world.


Découvrez sur le site les expériences et les avis d’hommes et de femmes ayant suivi la formation avec l’Instructeur ou le livre.

I discovered you through your YouTube channel and it motivated me to download your book. I devoured it in 2 days and loved it. I learned a lot about men, but the chapters that interested me most were the blowjob to learn deep throat and sodomy. Thank you again for sharing Vincent.


This book is awesome. A digest of information and techniques super well explained. I can now easily fuck 40 min to 1h before ejaculating. Thank you Vincent for sharing your knowledge.


Why some women prefer to pay a man to fuck?

Why some women prefer to pay a man to fuck?

It may sound surprising, but paying for sex is no longer just for men. More and more women are using the paid services of male professionals such as Escort boys, Gigolos, or Erotic masseurs in order to satisfy their sexuality. So why this evolution and…

Aphrodisiac foods: effective or scam?

Aphrodisiac foods: effective or scam?

Many professionals often hear the virtues of aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate, ginger, asparagus, oysters, garlic, etc. According to them, certain foods would boost libido, increase the vigor of erection, sexual potency, etc. But is it really effective, or false…

Why do some women ask men to rape them?

Why do some women ask men to rape them?

Everyone knows that rape is a traumatic event for women who have experienced it. But paradoxically, there is also a minority of women who express to men their desire to be raped. So we will elucidate what may seem like a contradiction…


General questions

Is the formation really useful to me?
Even for those with a proven level, the formation will teach you techniques and tips that only professionals know. As a result, you will get a clearly visible and important performance gain.

Can we really learn techniques with a formation in book format?
Absolutely, because it has a special structure designed to optimize your learning, and allow you to remember the information easily. It also has photos and explanatory videos to better visualize certain techniques.

For men

Can Sexe Elite Formation solve my erection problems?
Yes because it explains all the mechanisms to naturally find a strong erection.

Can the Formation help me solve my premature ejaculation problems or be more enduring?
Absolutely. You will learn all the techniques to condition your body to last longer. Endurance is a skill that is easily acquired when you have the right methodology.

Is it explained how to get orgasms to a woman?
The Sexe Elite Formation covers all points to easily deliver orgasms, and trigger them whenever you want.

Does formation make a woman a fountain?
The squirt technique is taught and the effect is obtained on all women.

For women

I already know how to make a blowjob. Do I really need to learn on this subject?
Even if you know how to do a blowjob, you will discover formidable tricks that only professionals know and that make all the difference to a man.

Are there any tips for practicing sodomy without pain?
The pain during sodomy is very often linked to poor preparation. The Sexe Elite Formation will teach you the right methodology to practice sodomy without pain, and especially with a lot of fun.

Could I learn techniques to excite even more a man?
Better than that. You will discover a whole range of techniques and professional strategies that will make you a true femme fatale and mark forever the spirit of your partner.



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