Testimonials from people who completed the Sexe Elite formation

Welcome to the Guestbook! Read comments and reviews of men and women who have completed the Sexe Elite formation with the Instructor or book. As for the new Elite that has formed, share your thoughts on the quality of the formation and what it has brought you.

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  1. Hugo

    Hello Vincent!

    Thank you for making your knowledge available to In your e-book, the squirt technique and penetration angles combo are enough to make a woman scream with pleasure, and now they’re the ones who say stop.

    Thank you again for all the content you send us, you are a source of inspiration.

  2. Kevin

    Excellent book. Very complete on the different techniques, situations and practices. There is something for everyone.
    I highly recommend it to anyone they want to improve sexually.

  3. Ted K

    Hello Vincent
    I discovered you recently and I would like to thank you for all the work you do.
    Your advice helped me a lot. Thank you and good continuation.

  4. Ryan

    This book is awesome. A digest of information and techniques super well explained. I can now easily fuck 40 min to 1h before ejaculating. Thank you Vincent for sharing your knowledge.

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