The most unusual sex tattoos

With the democratization of tattoos, more and more women want to accentuate their power of seduction by getting naughty tattoos on their private parts. So discover the new fashion for tattoos on the vagina or anus.


In 2012, during the “Tattoo Expo” fair held in the United States in South Florida, a woman asked a tattoo artist to tattoo her anus. It was therefore in front of everyone that this visitor stripped naked, then answered the questions of a journalist reporting on this show.


Obviously, animal or demon tattoos are trendy on this intimate area of the body. We will notice the recurring symbolism of the entrance to the mouth of the animal or demon positioned exactly at the entrance to the vagina, to bring the man’s penis into their mouth.

Tatouage vagin pieuvre
Tatouage vagin démon
Tatouage papillon vagin
Tatouage vagin méduse
Tatouage vagin poisson
Tatouage pédophile

In addition to the artistic and unusual aspect of these tattoos, we can wonder about the psychological state of these people displaying an animal, a demon or a baby having sexual intercourse with a human being, because these representations in reality illustrate a fantasy of zoophilia, satanism or pedophilia.


Alien tatouage

Fan of the Alien film saga, a woman had the dreaded Facehugger tattooed on her genitals. The latter is a baby alien who has the particularity of coming out of his egg and jumping in the face of people who approach too recklessly. The Facehugger thus asphyxiates its victim, but does not eat it. He only incubates an egg in his body which will give birth to a much larger and even more terrible Alien. And I will spare you the details of the fatal birth for its host.

Facehugger alien
Tatouage vagin alien

In any case, with this Facehugger tattoo on her vagina, this woman shows her firm intention to jump in the face and suffocate any man she lets get very close.


Tatouage anus message
Tatouage anus message 1
Tatouage anus fleur 2
Tatouage anus papillon
Tatouage vagin et anus
Ressemblance physique robot sexuel
Ressemblance physique robot sexuel


Tattooing on the vagina can cause pain in women. But sometimes it happens that it gives them… an orgasm and more.