Sex robot: have women become obsolete?

Can new sex robots equipped with artificial intelligence compete with real women? We will analyze their level of realism in terms of physics, artificial intelligence, sexual performance, as well as ethics and consumer profiles. Sex robots are no longer science fiction, they are real.


These sex robots are customizable with a hundred different options for each part of the body. You can choose the color, size and shape of hair, eyes, mouth, breasts, nipples, buttocks, vaginal lips, etc. The 2.0 woman is more customizable than a car.


Ressemblance physique robot sexuel

All details on the face, natural imperfections are absent. We also observe a total absence of natural movements in the way the female robot moves her head, eyes or mouth. And on top of that, a motor noise is present with each movement of the sex robot, which reinforces this artificial image of a machine and unnatural of a human. The only realistic point lies in a function which gives the same body temperature to the mannequin as that of a human. I will therefore give a score of 1/10 to the physical resemblance, because only the silhouette of the robot resembles a person. For everything else, it is completely far from realism. It’s just a life-size Barbie doll, but worth €11,000.


Robot sexuel & intelligence artificielle

The sex robot has artificial intelligence. But it would be more appropriate to speak of artificial memory, because an AI is incapable of thinking. It is only a program with a register with a more or less large quantity of procedures. The larger the register, the more intelligent the program gives the illusion of being. But in reality, an AI is incapable of bringing out information or undertaking an action that its designer has not programmed for it. There is nothing dumber than artificial intelligence.

This 2023 AI sex android is abysmally stupid, quite simply because its range of responses is limited and faces a human being who has an unlimited capacity for interactions. So for the note concerning the AI, I give it 0/10.

Besides, when you know how AI works, you really have to be stupid to want to talk to a program. And the irony is that the client who thinks he is talking to a woman, actually finds himself talking to his programmer who is most certainly a man.


Let’s take a look at the sexual performance of the female android. According to the video clips presenting these robots, only its mouth is able of pumping. I say pumping and not sucking, because she is unable to use its tongue, lips or hands. Its mouth looks more like a cow milker. Concerning her manual skills, it is unable to jerk off. And finally, for vaginal or anal penetration, the sexual android is just as inactive. The synthetic model looks more like a starfish than a Femme Fatale.

To compensate for this lack of performance, the designers have however programmed sentences into the android to flatter the ego of its partner. So I will rate the performance of the sex robot at 1/10.


Robot sexuel enfant mineur

A double-sided ethics

On the ethical side, the robot has a consent system which, of course, has been programmed to be facilitated. However, ethics very quickly meets its limits and some manufacturers do not hesitate to market sex robots that look like children. Although they are machines, this reflects a simulation of pedophilia, in the same way as some porn films featuring adult women disguised as 10-year-old girls. Trading in the sexualization of children is favorable to pedophilia and promoting a criminal act. So from a moral point of view, I find that the marketing of models resembling children should be prohibited.

What does French legislation say?

French legislation condemns (with five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros) “the act, with a view to its dissemination, of fixing, recording or transmitting the image or representation of a minor when this image or representation is of a pornographic nature.” But an object, such as a child’s sex robot, is neither an image nor a representation. There is therefore a legal vacuum on this subject, and no ban or conviction is currently possible to combat this new trend.


Men who fear being judged

These men are afraid of women’s judgment on their lack of sexual performance. Consequently, robots allow the customer not to question themselves and to only hear compliments without any criticism. They offer an illusion for those who refuse to face reality.

Men in situations of sexual poverty

These men, unable to access partners to satisfy their desires, will probably be tempted to resort to this last resort solution to respond to desperation.

Men wishing to satisfy deviance

This category of men will use sex robots to satisfy their fantasy of pedophilia, rape, torture, or any other deviance. So some say, yes but it’s better that they do it on a robot than a real person. Except that we do not alleviate an evil by stimulating and developing it. This will simply create more individuals who are disconnected from reality and who will potentially become dangers if they move towards real women again.


Sex robots are still very far from matching the realism of a real woman in terms of physical, intellectual and sexual performance. Real women or sex workers are therefore not ready to be replaced.