Singer is it a bitch’s job?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now, but in almost every music video, the women singers put on lingerie, half naked, take orgasmic vocals, take close-ups of their ass, their breasts or their crotch, or move their hips while simulating sexual acts.

Comparing their visual performance and their text, the talent gap is incredible. As much as they master all the codes of sex workers, they are truly terrible at writing and singing correctly. They write banal texts to die for, already seen 1000 times or sometimes completely meaningless. And worse, we even discover that the majority sing out of tune without studio retouching.


Why do these female singers sexualize their videos like real porn actresses? The answer is simple. They compensate for their lack of musical talent by sexualizing their bodies so that the media or the public will talk about them. And as they greatly fear falling into oblivion, they go one step further by sexualizing their clips, their concerts, etc. Then when they become too old, too ugly and the plastic surgery no longer has an effect on the public, it’s definitively musical retirement.

Does showing your ass really make these singers whores? Given that they trade primarily by showing off their sexual attributes and secondarily by singing, we can say, yes, they are whores.


Indeed, the most appropriate term to describe these modern singers would be to speak of half-bitches. Quite simply because even if these singers behave like sex professionals, they do not assume to be one at all. They don’t want to go through with their project and actually fuck to make money like a prostitute, an Escort or a porn actress. Socially speaking, the half-bitch is much better viewed than the bitch. But if there were no social restrictions, I guarantee that most of the untalented singers would go back to escorting or porn.


Very often people equate the word bitch with that of an insult. But in reality, this name is not pejorative. It just describes a professional status. Besides, some whores are really adorable. And it is with great respect that I admire the sexual… er artistic side of their clips when I vacuum my living room. I just turn off the music, because I prefer to listen to the sound of my vacuum cleaner motor rather than insipid songs or songs based on onomatopoeia for brainless people.


To finish, I invite you to watch the very interesting video, by YouTuber La Cartouche which is entitled “The drama of pop”. This video explains precisely why the music industry strives to produce songs that are very poor in terms of writing and melody, and what effects these songs achieve on listeners.