Why do women deceive men?

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Ever wanted to know why a woman could fool a man? You will discover everything in this article. Before getting down to business, I did a survey on Snapchat asking women why they could cheat. And here is an excerpt from their answers: the official is not a killing in bed, insufficient stamina problem, lack of desires in the couple, and lack of sex. It’s just, but very incomplete. Let’s start now with the most common factor of deception and that revolves around lack of performance level sex.


Lack of performance

When a woman has a partner with a low level of performance, who fingers badly, and who fucks badly without questioning herself, we know in advance what there will be deception at some point.

So, observe if you have any technical gaps and make sure you fill them to give pleasure to your partner at all levels. This will prevent her from seeking her pleasure elsewhere.

Lack of stamina

This applies to premature ejaculators, as well as guys who do not fuck more than 10 minutes. If the man is as fast as a trailer, understand that the woman is not going to be sexually fulfilled. If it has to stop every time during the warm-up phase, there will be dissatisfaction. And the chances of infidelity become very high.

To build a woman’s loyalty, you have to be enduring for her to be satisfied with the fucking time. Until you exhaust her, that’s not a good sign.

The decrease in the number of reports

Here too, we have men who fuck their wives less and less, year after year. As a result, they are forced to go get other guys to fuck for them. You have a wife you love, so take care of her.

The mother-family effect

Another factor of infidelity is the men who no longer touch their wives because they no longer see them as women with desires, but as moms. The fatal mistake. Once again, they are forced to go elsewhere to maintain sexuality. So, don’t deprive your partner of sexuality.

Micropenis and small dicks

When the dick is sometimes too small, a woman can have very little or no sensation. Therefore, even if they love their partner and want to stay with him or her, they are pushed to see other partners just to keep their sexuality satisfying. Here, the only solution I could propose to these men is to go for smaller women to have smaller pussies and reduce the size difference.

Erection problems

When a woman wants to fuck and has a guy in front of her who can get hard one in two, the couple is also exposed to infidelity. At the time, women are conciliatory with men who seek a solution to their erectile dysfunction even if they can’t, that they are uncompromising and unfaithful if the man doesn’t make any effort to correct it.

To keep your wife, show her that you are active in finding a solution.

Guys who are too soft or not dynamic enough

Another disaster related to women’s infidelity is men who fuck too romantic, quietly, or just not dynamic enough. Their wives are bored and cheating on them incalculably.

To build loyalty, a woman must sweat, she must feel the ardour and strength of a man. Without it, she doesn’t feel like a man is fucking her.


It also happens that women in couples become unfaithful when they cross the road of men who have a lot of money, notoriety, or a large address book. They then use their charms and have affairs to have more money, a social or professional springboard, etc. I do not blame too much the guys who are being deceived in this context, because when we choose a woman with whom to live, we must filter from the outset the venal women, those who are not.

Advice for men: Be selective from the beginning of a relationship about the women you are dating.


When a couple encounters relationship problems, it is a very risky period because many women are cheating on their spouses, either to seek comfort where they do not have it at home or for revenge.

Advice for men: when there is a problem, behave like men. Adjust it, and quickly. Women hate men who leave problems behind and ignore them.


Again, there are many men who are responsible for the infidelity of their spouse when they adopt an immature behavior, too homebody, too passionate about sports events, video games, or comics, too much party, too addict to certain elixirs or narcotics, etc. And when these women find a man more detached from all these entertainments and more adventurous, there is guaranteed infidelity.

Advice for Men: Balance your hobbies with more glorifying tasks that require strength and intellect. You will increase your attraction potential.


Sometimes a man and a woman have to move away geographically for one or more years because of work. Although they love each other, women and men are subject to sexual impulses, and long absences very often give adventures on both sides whose sole purpose is to compensate for a lack of sex.


In addition, when a woman is communicating to improve your relationship by raising a problem, listen to it and look for a solution. Although it may be unpleasant to hear about the moment, we must accept the fact that there is a problem. Know that many women have warned their man of their marital problems, and then cheated on him because he turned a deaf ear.

Advice for men: do not ignore a woman who tells you that something is wrong with the couple. Find a solution, and you will not have any problem of infidelity.


Many people imagine that because a woman has been unfaithful, she no longer loves her spouse. So this happens of course, but you should also know that many women who cheat on their spouse love this one, and do not want to leave it. This category almost deceives them because their man gives them frustration in this or that area.


To conclude, it is often pointed out who has broken with her conjugal duties, but it must be understood that infidelity is only a consequence of a problem installed upstream in the couple. And when the woman goes elsewhere, it is very often because the spouse has an inappropriate attitude.
Concerning the men who have been confronted with an infidelity, I advise you rather to put your ego aside, to stay with your wife, and to improve you. By correcting your faults, you will already regain your self-confidence, but also find that your relationship will be much better than before and more solid. And conversely, if you decided to change your wife while keeping your faults, you would continually expose yourself to being deceived.