What is the ideal size of a dick?

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There are many young men, influenced by porn, who ask me the question: Is it better to have a big dick? Do girls prefer it? What do they think of smaller dicks? Etc. If very often men wonder about the size of their dick, it is because, very often, they compare with the only database accessible: porn movies. So, I’m going to explain to you the difference between porn movies and reality.


In porn movies, we only see guys with big dicks and women getting fucked by huge dicks with ease. Once again, I remind you that porn is fiction and that it is not real. The actors and actresses are selected on casting. Actors are selected for their excessive dick size; so, don’t be anxious if you see that your dick is smaller than those of porn actors. This is quite normal. Porn actors have unusual measurements that are not at all representative of the men who make up the population. So, there’s no need to compare yourself to them. As for the women you see in the films, they are actresses who are also selected for their ability to be able to get fucked by giant dicks. They are not representative of the women in the population. Especially since in reality, women have a lot of trouble with big dicks. So, don’t tell yourself that you have to have a big one to give pleasure. It is clearly the contrary.


About 99% of women have pain with a large dick

What I can tell you from experience is that women have a lot of difficulty with big dicks. Why? Why? Because it hits them in the back at the cervix, and it’s very sensitive and unpleasant for them. Some will even have minor bleeding during intercourse. They are not serious but it shows that it hurts. Nevertheless, I have met a minority of women who are looking for the biggest dicks but they do not even represent 1%.

Impossibility of fully retracting the dick

Having a dick bigger than the woman’s pussy often forces you to put in only 75% of the dick because it doesn’t fit the whole vagina. Watch the porn movies and you’ll see that the porn actors with big dicks can’t get it in fully. I can tell you that it makes a clear decrease in sensations and pleasure than the one who has a smaller one but who gets in at 100%.

Obligation to eliminate certain positions

As guys with too much cock hurt when they hit the bottom of the pussy, they are forced to eliminate all positions that promote deep penetration to avoid hurting their partner. Hence, very good positions are removed and ultimately great sensations are missed.


For the men facing issues with women because their dicks are a little bit too small or too big, I will explain how to give more pleasure or how to avoid creating pain to her. It should be noted that the size of the pussy is proportional to the woman’s height. So, the smaller the woman is, the smaller her pussy is. And the taller the woman is, the taller her pussy is. For those who would be concerned about having a slightly small dick and who would like to give more pleasure, the best thing is to focus more on women of relatively small sizes. As for guys who have very big dicks and who consider this as a problem for themselves and their partners, I advise them to focus on taller women.


For people who would say that the vagina is elastic and that it can stretch by taking all cock sizes, I want to say right away that it has limits. The pussy can’t expand indefinitely. It can lengthen but with time, and around 20%, not much more. Anyway, as soon as a dick hits the bottom of the cervix, it will cause pain.


In conclusion, we have women who are afraid when they see too big cocks and think that it will never fit or that it will cause pain to them. Moreover, we have those women who, when they see a dick a little bit too small, know that it won’t be big enough to give them enough sensations. In other words, the ideal cock size for a woman is the one that fits her pussy size, no more, no less.