Have a solid erection

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Very often, men think that to get a solid erection you have to practice with methods, or use accessories, creams, lotions, natural or chemical products to increase the strength of their erection. But it is a mistake to think that way. All these ineffective ideas are in fact only those conveyed by industrialists who have sniffed out an important business line to many people looking for solutions. Understand that manufacturers have no interest in providing a definitive solution to people. What they want is to have a constantly unsatisfied customer base to renew sales with new items years after years.

Let’s move on to the real functioning of the body. The first thing to know is that the body is naturally programmed to have hard erections. And if they have difficulty or low energy, it is because external factors interfere with your erection. Therefore, the only effective method will be to seek out and eliminate the factors of an inadequate lifestyle that causes physical and mental fatigue, as well as the industrial factors that affect the proper functioning of your body. So here is my expert advice to always stay in shape.


You may like the woman in front of you, -even if you really want to fuck and feel rather fit-, if you don’t get enough sleep day after day, your body will get tired. You may not see the fatigue, but it will set in whether you like it or not, and getting hard will become more difficult.

Solution: recover your shape by sleeping more, but especially earlier. Don’t think that you will get back in shape by having 10 hours of sleep, from 2am to noon. Respecting the body clock really helps to get a good erection.


Fucking when you start to feel like sleeping will reduce your performance. You may not have enough energy to get a good bandage.

Solution: fuck at the times when you are in the best shape to get an erection to its full potential.


Being overweight or obese can have a very negative impact on the quality of erections. The more fat a man has, the more clogged his arteries become, and the less pressure they can send to irrigate the dick and harden it.

Solution: Reducing your body fat and restoring your body weight is a very effective way to regain a solid erection.


Too much sport, at a very high level, causes an accumulation of fatigue for the body. Those who regularly return home after their sports session in a state of total exhaustion; you can imagine that in terms of energy, you are rather close to Zero. And energy, you need it to get hard.

Solution: reduce either the frequency or intensity of your sports sessions. Don’t be exhausted and you’ll get a better hard-on.


If you plan to fuck in the dark or with little light, it’s normal not to get hard. The excitement goes through the visual. Consequently, when you are cutting the visual or decreasing it, there is neither excitement, nor erection or very little. It’s like watching porn with your eyes closed.

Solution: put on light to see well to ensure maximum visual excitement and a better bandage.


Many men, who use a condom, have told me that when they put it on, they spill it. This is due to two factors: the mind no longer focusing on excitement, and the installation time way too long.

Too much time searching for a condom

If a man takes too long to look for a condom, his mind will lose the thread of excitement to focus on an obstacle, and the erection may disappear at that time.

Solution: always know where your condoms are, and put them nearby to reduce the interruption time of excitement.

Lack of concentration on excitement

When a man opens his condom, his mind can focus on the action of opening, not on the excitement the woman gave him. Although this period is short, it is enough to stop many guys getting hard at that time.

Solution: open your condom while getting jerked off or sucked off, and focus on your feelings and not on the condom.


Solutions to erection problems lie in principles that are simple to respect but are generally unknown to the general public. Want to understand how the erection works, bend under all circumstances, or strengthen the power of your erection? Follow a Pro Formation with Instructor Vincent in downloading the e-book The Art of Fucking.