How to avoid that a condom cracks

Reading time: 2 min

For using thousands of condoms and all brands, I can tell you that they can all crack. So, I will explain their weaknesses, the mistakes men make, and how to prevent a condom from cracking. Knowing how to secure a condom is the first basic knowledge to have to maximize your own safety, as well as your partner one, and have peace in your mind.


The problem is that when the condom breaks, you don’t always notice it immediately. The condom stays on the dick and only the tip is open. So according to the men and their physical sensitivity, some will immediately detect that he has cracked, and others only at the end of their intercourse when they remove it. Similarly, women can detect it at the time of ejaculation because they will feel the liquid.


Sexually transmitted diseases and infections

The first major problem is to eventually receive or transmit a sexual disease or infection that we ignore we have.

An accidental pregnancy

The second major problem is to accidentally get the woman pregnant. The woman can become pregnant if there has been complete ejaculation, but also without ejaculation with the pre- seminal fluid produced during intercourse.


Carefully open the condom package

For men who like to open the condom with their teeth, be careful not to pierce it with your teeth by tearing the package. I advise you either to grasp only the edge of the packaging with your teeth or to open it with your hands.

Put the condom on properly

To put a condom on, it is essential to leave enough space for the reservoir, simply because if there is not enough space in the tank, when you start fucking, the condom will stretch on the dick and it will pierce itself. I also invite women to check that their boyfriend puts it on correctly and notify them if this is not the case.

Never use two condoms

Those who think that putting on two condoms brings twice as much resistance, it’s forbidden! It is important to know that if a man puts on two condoms when he fucks, there will be friction between the two membranes, and they will tear. So always use only one condom.

Change condoms every 15 minutes

It is better to change condoms if you fuck for more than 15 minutes because the lubricant will have disappeared after that time, and the condom will become dry and fragile. Moreover, for women who wet very little or not at all, the condom lubricant will also leave more quickly. Hence, you have to change the condom every 15 minutes or so too. The best way to know when to change it is to check the condition of the condom during intercourse by touching it and to see if it is still sufficiently lubricated or not.


In conclusion, if you follow all these principles, you increase your chances of never being confronted with a cracking condom and you will enjoy the pleasures of sex in complete serenity.