Be more enduring and delay ejaculation

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Many men dream of being resilient for two reasons: either because they want to perform better or because they are early ejaculators. In both cases, endurance works in the same way. You will therefore discover why men come quickly, what are the different forms of excitement, and all the techniques to be more enduring and delay the arrival of ejaculation.


A basic reminder, it should be noted that premature or rapid ejaculation is biologically normal because it is designed for reproduction and not for pleasure and long-term sexual intercourse. Its fast duration allows you to repeat it as many times as possible and to fully ensure this reproduction function.

But well, over time, the sex between a man and a woman has evolved and has almost turned into a competition in which the man must excel and respect a mandatory minimum time of 10 minutes, stopwatch in hand. In addition, man is cruelly lacking in control over his body. A too low frequency of sexual intercourse means that a man who has few intercourses in 1 week will always enjoy faster than a man who has many intercourses in 1 week.


You should know that a problem with premature ejaculation or a lack of stamina often has a very negative impact on women, whether in the context of a relationship or a sex session.

The risks associated with premature ejaculation within the couple

éjaculation précoce problème couple

A problem with premature ejaculation or insufficient stamina very often leads to sexual frustration in women who are in a relationship. And while a lot of them say that’s okay, women with early ejaculators are among the profiles that cheat on their spouses the most. To maintain a romantic relationship and have a great sexuality, many of them turn to extramarital affairs to compensate for this problem.

The risks associated with premature ejaculation with a sex plan

When it comes to sex, you should know that women are looking for maximum pleasure and therefore performance. These women are more demanding and above all uncompromising. When those if meet precocious or not very enduring men, they are automatically rejected for a second date of fuck.

In short, premature ejaculation or lack of stamina is a double problem because it affects men but also women. But rest assured, with the right methods and adequate training, everything is corrected.


Ejaculation is due to a level of excitement reaching its maximum during or near sexual intercourse. To last longer, you will have to master 2 forms of excitement by slightly decreasing their intensity, while finding the right balance to maintain a solid erection.

Physical excitement

Being sensitive to sex, fucking at a fast pace…

Psychological excitement

Seeing a naked woman, sexy lingerie, and erotic positions, imagining erotic things


Preparatory training and desensitization

Retarder l'ejaculation exercices masturbation

This is a very interesting and also very effective exercise for early ejaculators.

a) Jerking off and delaying the arrival of ejaculation
The first step consists in jerking off dry by making the masturbation time last as long as possible before ejaculating. The idea is to go through the 5 minutes stage, then 10, following by even 15 minutes. For the first few days, do this with a comfortable pace and pressure. Then, the longer you hold on, higher is the difficulty you can add by increasing either the pressure of your hand, or the speed, or both at the same time.

On the breathing side, I advise you to slow it down slightly even when you put on speed to jerk off, and to look for deeper breaths in and out. This will help you to better control your sensations.

The 2nd step is to jerk off but with lubricant or massage oil. This will increase the sensations tenfold, thus increasing the difficulty, and especially allowing you to work your endurance alone by getting closer to the sensations of a real penetration.

It should be known that one of the causes of premature ejaculation or lack of endurance is also a bad habit of men to jerk off by ejaculating quickly. They condition their bodies without knowing how to come quickly. So above all, extend the time of your handjobs.

b) Desensitize the dick
Sometimes, men have a particularly sensitive area of the dick that gives them too strong sensations and reduces their endurance. Therefore, I advise you to massage or rub this area slowly but firmly to desensitize it and increase your endurance.

Manage preliminaries time

Retarder l'éjaculation précoce

If you know you’re in a period when you’re not particularly enduring, don’t let the woman jerk you off or suck you off for long or deep during foreplay, and don’t wait for her to interrupt to move on to the fuck part. Otherwise the pressure will increase too much during the preliminaries and it will be too intense and uncontrollable during the fuck part, which will make you ejaculate faster. Therefore, it is up to you to evaluate your resistance to excitation during this preliminary phase.

a) When the excitation is already intense
If the excitement is relatively intense during handjob and blowjob, reduce their time by interrupting the woman by tipping her directly into a fucking position.

And since you are now a pro, you will of course make this transition, without letting it appear for a second that you have made it because you have trouble controlling yourself. This sequence goes unnoticed because it is without dead time and you show no sign of weakness. The woman will just feel like you’re looking forward to fucking her because you really want her.

b) When the excitation is manageable
If the excitement is completely manageable during handjob and blowjob, there you can get jerked off or sucked as much time as you want before you go to fuck, while keeping an eye on your maximum acceptable excitement threshold.

Wear a condom

Wearing a condom reduces the sensitivity of the dick by about 50% during penetration and makes it more durable. But be careful, I strongly recommend men not to use condoms or special gels designed to delay ejaculation. It should be understood that if these condoms and gels slow down the arrival of ejaculation, it is because they contain a local anesthetic. So not only will your body absorb chemicals that can have an impact on your health, but you will still not be able to endure without this external help.

Make positions where you master the rhythm

Make positions where you are the master of the rhythm, and avoid positions where the woman is on top of you.

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