Why do some women ask men to rape them?

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Everyone knows that rape is a traumatic event for women who have experienced it. But paradoxically, there is also a minority of women who express to men their desire to be raped. So we will elucidate what may seem like a contradiction.

Having fucked with nearly 1 400 women, it turns out that I met 5 women who asked me to rape them and to whom I refused their request for personal reasons and security. The quantity may seem insignificant, nevertheless on the thousand it represents a ratio of about 0.3%. And if you widen this ratio to the total number of women in France is 34.6 million, it is 103 800 women who fantasize about being raped. And there, the number is already immediately more important. Note that this number is probably still significantly lower than the reality because it only takes into account women who have expressed this fantasy, and not those who have this fantasy but do not dare to express it because of its controversial image.

Then, from the few subjects who asked me to violate them, I noticed two different objectives. The first being to realize a fantasy in women, and the second being for the woman to be able to trap a man.


Among the women with whom I discussed their fantasy of rape, I observed that the term rape was misused. They use this word, but have a different perception of true rape with violence. In other words, their definition of rape definition is wrong because it sets limits. They define it rather as a desire for a balance of power, a domination of the man, a total subjection of the woman, dynamism, a savage side, bestial, etc.

As I found that their definition of rape was incomplete because it was missing its constraints, I asked them if they would agree to be fucked by:
– a guy who does not like them,
a man who threatens them with a weapon,
– a stranger who does not use a condom,
– a man who puts them in a coma,
– a man she will not be sure to live or die in the next few minutes.
In short, women’s responses to all these questions were NO.

Therefore, their fantasy of rape is not that of real rape, and is closer to a simple will of submission but safely, with a man who pleases them, and only in the conditions that suit them.

It’s the same principle as in the theater, where audiences want to be scared of action and horror movies, as long as they are safe in their chair. But in a real world setting, that same audience would run away from all of these scary situations for fear of physically feeling pain or losing their lives. The fantasy of rape is in the same vein, having thrills as long as you are safe.


It should be known that the fantasy of rape in women can also be a bait to trap men. Some women will incite the man to the violence to have traces on the body, then will scream and proste sufficiently strong so that the neighborhood turns into future witness having heard a protest.

Then comes 2 possibilities:
– On the one hand, you have women who want to blackmail the man and ask him for money by threatening to file a complaint with the police.
– Then you have on the other side, women who will put the man in jail to get rid of it either for personal reasons, or because it was sponsored by a third person.

In any case, it will be almost impossible for the man to prove to justice that it was a simulation with a common accord with the woman and not a real rape with threat and constraint.


Regarding men, when a woman tells you about her fantasy of being raped, always ask her what she means by rape. If you think her definition of rape is wrong, let her know that in fact, she’s expecting a brutal and brutal fuck, not a real rape. At that point, you can confirm your fucking session but while remaining vigilant, and without ever going beyond certain limits, even if she asks you to. However, if you feel that her definition of rape is correct and she is waiting for you to force her, hit her, rip her clothes or whatever, I absolutely do not recommend doing so. The probabilities of having serious problems would be very high.

As for the women who express this fantasy, pay close attention to the consequences that this may have. It can quickly slip if the man has a more violent vision of rape than yours, and you have not agreed beforehand on certain rules to respect or your limits. Rather say that you love something wild, bestial, unexpected, but avoid using the term rape.

Now that everything is clear, I wish you all… good fuck!