How to make an excellent cunni

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Regarding cunni, many women believe that men are not technically up to date. Let’s start by reminding you what cunnilingus is all about. It is a technique where the man uses his tongue and licks the woman’s pussy to give her pleasure. That sounds easy. But believe me, if many women are unhappy, it’s because it’s not that easy to give pleasure with this technique. Not to mention that some men also do different wrong things, such as licking a pussy as if they were eating a watermelon, and others think they are cats using their tongues as if they were drinking milk. In short, we must stop with cunnis way bad porn movies.


Cunnilingus requires few techniques. You make small circles with your tongue quite slowly in the clit and vertical back and forth movements. Afterwards, you are free to add additional techniques such as vaginal, anal or even both at the same time


Even if you know the techniques to make a cunni, you should know that you can’t do the same technique for every woman because they all have different feelings. Some will like it to be more supported, others lighter, others on the clit, others below the clit, etc. It’s always different from one woman to another.


Stimulate different areas and proceed by elimination

How do you know where to give pleasure and with what pressure? Well, you will have to experience everything and proceed by elimination. You will need to stimulate all areas by varying the pressure and observe your partner’s reactions in order to eliminate anything that creates pain or a desperate feeling of boredom.
I strongly insist on one point, we must observe. If you are focused solely on your pleasure in doing the technique and do not observe your partner’s reactions, you will never make a good cunni.

Do a technical improvement session

I also advise you to do a technical improvement session with your partner to improve yourself and give her more pleasure, but only under certain conditions.

a) 1st condition
You must be sufficiently complicit with the girl or see her regularly. If she is a passing girl, we don’t make a test because she won’t be here to learn.

b) 2nd condition
This type of test is never done at the beginning of the fucking session. You don’t have a class before you have sex. You fuck and only then when you’re done, you move on to another session, which is the technical improvement session. You can tell her “I’ll try a technique on cunni, tell me what you think about it”. Then you can take action. And whether she tells you it’s good or not, you keep practicing and ask her if there’s another place she likes or another way to do it.
I did this to I don’t know how many women from the 2nd or 3rd date and they all appreciated the process. Why? Why? Because I targeted better the places that give them the most pleasure after that. So, they are very often surprised by the fact that a guy asks them the question, but they like the approach and then blame other guys for not doing the same thing.

Advice for women, guide the men

If there are women who read this chapter and are not satisfied with the guy who makes them a cunni, guide him. Because basically, if he does it wrong, and in addition he doesn’t ask you questions, and on top of that you leave him in ignorance without guidance, you punish yourself by preventing him from progressing and making you a better cunni later.


Allow a maximum of 5 min for a preliminary

There too, I have heard many women complaining about guys who stay more than 10 minutes to make a cunni either because they love doing this technique, or because they insist on making the woman come like that and they can’t do it. Women like cunni but don’t like it when it lasts too long, especially when they are waiting for the real part, which is fucking. I remind you that cunnilingus is a preliminary, and I advise you to give it a maximum of 5 minutes, no more.

Do 3 seconds in between during the fuck

When you fuck, you can also make a break in your rhythm. You pull out your dick, you firmly grasp the woman’s legs, you give her 2 or 3 strokes of your tongue on her pussy, and you penetrate her again by fucking her with energy. This sequence provides a crazy effect, because it is a variation of rhythm that is ultra dynamic and that she does not expect because it is sudden and fast. To impress, that’s the best.

Take a 1 minute break during sex

You can also use 1 minute cunni break during sex to decrease your excitement if you feel you are about to ejaculate and don’t want it to happen. Your partner will not even notice that you are taking a break to control your excitement, because you are always active with her. Then when you’re done with your break and feel comfortable having sex for longer, you go back. This is one of the techniques to be more enduring.


Make a preliminary cunni

Cunni can be done in preliminaries to gradually increase the woman’s excitement if she is not yet excited. It can also be used to lubricate and facilitate penetration if the woman does not get enough wet.

Do not make a cunni in preliminaries

There are also a lot of women who complain about guys who make them a cunni at the introduction when they expected them to fuck them directly. These women will consider this as a waste of time, and that these men have a poor knowledge of women. So, nothing positive. Therefore, if you see that the woman is already super excited and waiting for you to fuck her immediately and wildly, skip the cunni stage and fuck straight away.


You know now that you can not do exactly the same thing for every woman. Eliminate, by stimulating all areas to find the ones that provide the most pleasure, and it is advisable to contact your partner to improve. Also discover other techniques and advice about sex with my special formation to become a sex expert and provide maximum pleasure.