Bad sex tips from women’s magazines

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To find solutions to their sexual problems, or to become more successful, many women will consult the sexo part of women’s magazines. But what are these tips really worth? Sexe Elite decrypts this info.


Well, without publicly disclosing all the secrets of my formation, focusing on the positions is useless for women to have orgasms because it is only the angles of penetration that matter. But hey, it’s not just journalists who can know that. And as usual, as soon as articles are written about Kamasutra, the theme always focuses on the visual aspect of the positions, their aesthetics, and their exoticism, without any concrete explanations on the link between each position and the Orgasm.

In short, focusing on the aesthetics of positions for a woman to have an orgasm is like wanting to win a car race by choosing a car based on its design and beauty and not the engine. In other words, you are not ready to win a race or have an orgasm.

Articles on the Kamasutra are just there to make a bit of buzz in a magazine because it is a naughty subject that easily attracts the attention of readers, and the lack of technical explanations is easily compensated by some snappy photos. This is unfortunately the result of journalistic work currently. In the end, women and men will never find anything useful in articles about Kamasutra.

Let’s also talk about their illustrations. What are these 10-year-old kids drawings? !! Why do these men and women blush when they fuck? !! And why do they close their eyes and dare not look at each other? What are these illustrations of baltrings? !! Well, considering the level of the article, we could not expect better on that side either.

Source : Au féminin – 100 positions pour être la reine du Kamasutra


Booster sa libido grâce au vélo

Here is another article, with a purely whore-like title, which explains why scientists have made a connection between cycling in women and the rise of their libido. Without being a BAC + 5 scientist, any activity that causes friction or vibration in the cat can cause sexual stimulation in women. They even happen that some women have orgasms during their sports sessions.

In short, this specialist sexo promotes the increase in the libido of women by the practice of sport, and more specifically by using their bike as a sextoy. Well I tell you right now, the libido that will have increased by stimulation during a sporting activity at the woman will come down once the sport session is over. Therefore, a woman will no longer be able to use this source of excitement when she will have to fuck with a man.

For women who want to increase their libido, remember this. Any outside help will not be of any use to you. It’s not sport, Kamasutra, sextoys, aphrodisiac food, gadgets or anything that will excite you at the time of fucking. What will start or intensify your libido is the respective skills of you and your partner to excite each other, not external accessories. You want to increase your libido? Improve respectively your skills, your techniques, and your ability to surprise.

Sources :
Au féminin : Booster sa libido grâce au vélo
Biba : Pour avoir une meilleure vie sexuelle, faites du vélo !

Revive your libido with natural products

To summarize, these articles explain to women that to find their libido, they need either lukewarm lemon juice, infusions of plants, or turmeric, ginger, cures and massages, etc. So tea, infusions, verbena, coffee, chocolate or any other food has never increased the libido of either a woman or a man. It’s just a commercial argument to sell products by dangling your own desires. Natural products are good for the body but will not increase your desire for sex. As I indicated in the previous paragraph, to increase libido, it’s a story of skills between you and your partner to excite each other.

As for men, the magazine advises them a vasodilator oil against their problems of erections. I translate, he advises them to use a stimulant, whose action will be ephemeral, and that will not solve the origin of their problem of erection. Well, I suggest the opposite. I propose methods without any products, which restore the erection, and which make them even more powerful.
To solve erection problems, do not add foods, oils, products, or accessories. We must eliminate the factors that interfere with a good erection, that’s the real secret. For men interested, I invite you to discover my methods to strengthen erection.

Sources :
Fémina : Relancer sa libido avec des produits naturels
Madame Lefigaro : Cinq aphrodisiaques naturels à tester d’urgence


Au féminin: Australian surgeons offer a revolutionary treatment, the “O-boost”, which claims to significantly improve female orgasm by increasing lubrication, clitoral stimulation and libido, in a single injection for the modest sum of 2000 dollars .

The magazine pushes women who want better feelings to consume through a piqure, rather than looking for the origin of the problem that corrects itself most of the time easily by improving the knowledge of their body, or the orgasmic skills of their partner.

As for the rest of the article, it mentions that this injection is also planned for female pathologies such as urinary incontinence or lack of control of the bladder.

So it is convenient for some women because they can solve this problem quickly, but this problem is the consequence of another problem and that the surgeons can not cure, and it is the bad hygiene of life.
The body is designed to work properly and repair itself. So when he experiences chronic dysfunction of any kind, it means that at some point in your life you have consumed too much endocrine-disrupting products. So you can take all the treatments in the world, as long as you do not improve your lifestyle by eliminating food products, cosmetics, hygienic with endocrine disruptors, you will always be likely to see new pathological and all diversified. Want to regain health or strengthen? Eliminate any consumption of industrial products to detoxify your body. The results are slower, but more powerful.

Source : Au féminin – O-boost, le traitement pour que les femmes aient de meilleurs orgasmes


Wikipedia: ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a distinct, pleasurable, non-sexual sensation of tingling or chills in the skull, scalp, or peripheral areas of the body, in response to a visual, auditory, olfactory, or cognitive.

Basically, women make YouTube videos by making soothing noises in front of their mic by gently crumpling paper, gently brushing a garment, and so on. There you had the official version. Let’s move to the unofficial version.

The ASMR stars on YouTube are only young and pretty women, in search of easy notoriety, and whose number of dog subscribers depends only on the beauty, the depth of the décolleté of these YouTubeuses, and the eroticism they put in their voices.

In a nutshell, the ASMR is just a business where so-called erotic videos under the guise of relaxation bring money back to women, thanks to the YouTube monetization system linked to the number of views per video. YouTube has made the same observation regarding their videos, the company even began a demonetization action of some YouTuber ASMR deemed too sexual. But strangely, Health Magazine has failed to mention all this information.

Moreover, the relaxing ASMR does not provide an orgasm in the true sense but a simple pleasure at the cerebral level. Although the title of the article refers to orgasm, the content never speaks of orgasm but relaxation. So again a pure whore to clique off its content with a sex article without sex.

Sources : Santé Magazine : Tout savoir sur l’orgasme cérébral


Here is a purely girly theme that combines sex and diet. This article, where the author did well to remain anonymous, explains that women can burn calories during their antics and consequently lose fat and refine their silhouette. Well, I tell you right now, it’s totally wrong.

I’m going to tell you about my specific case that I spend my time fucking every day for several hours. The fuck makes me burn calories it’s true, but very little. And that never resulted in me losing fat, refining, toning my muscles or anything. What has always had results on my body is the sport, but never the fuck.

By the way, porn actresses are not thin because they fuck regularly. Professional porn actresses are slim because they spend their time in the gym and control their diet. But their thinness has no connection with their frequency of fucking. So even if you put all your energy into your fuck session, you will not even get to the minimum effort stage of a workout. So do not rely on sex to have a visible thinning result on your body. There it borders on the joke.

Source : Santé Magazine : Le sexe permet-il vraiment de brûler des calories ?


7 sex toys to revive her intimate life

Here is an article to believe that it gives informations to women to awaken their sexuality, but in the end is just an excuse to present sextoys for sale. The old scam to bait readers.

Well, if we go beyond the commercial aspect, solitary masturbation via sex toys can she revive the sexuality of a woman? I will answer that question with another question. In wanking, do men relaunch their sexuality? Of course not. A person can have fun alone, but masturbation has never been a source of fulfillment.

On the contrary, masturbation responds to a frequency of insufficient reports or sometimes to a frustration that is not to have a partner with whom to share a sexual pleasure.

A plastic or robotic dick answers a problem of women but not their fulfillment. Sexual fulfillment is only two, between a man and a woman, and therefore without any use of sextoys.

Source : Santé Magazine – Sept sextoys pour relancer sa vie intime (deleted article)

Sex toys to spice up your antics

Then, Appoline HENRY sex specialist at Femme Actuelle advises women to use sex toys with their partner to spice up their sex life. Translation of the message: for people who do not know how to be effective and provide the maximum pleasure, use accessories. Well, my philosophy is different. Forget the sex toys, and learn for yourself to provide the best sensations and orgasms to your partner. The sex toys are enemies of the couple because they keep men and women in a low performance and prevent them from progressing. You want to spice up your antics? Once again, women will have to refine their techniques of blowjob, masturbation, master the penetration angles, master the different rhythms, know how to surprise and seduce, etc. All that I explain in the end in my book.

Source : Femme Actuelle – Sextoys, menottes… 15 accessoires sexy pour pimenter vos ébats


This time, we move to the pro LGBT ideology (Lesbian Gay Bi Transsexual). Femina’s article explains that there is another genre than the man and the woman, and that is the third genus half man and half woman.

To support its remarks, the magazine will give the example of a Caster Semenya athlete where even a blind person would see that it is doped. Of course, as there was suspicion of doping, it has passed checks that were negative, but still falling abnormally high testosterone level. The Federation therefore advised this athlete to lower its level of testosterone, but the latter refused on the pretext that its rate was natural.

From a strategic point of view, this allowed her to keep a performance advantage over other female athletes with lower testosterone levels. But, it was enough for the LGBT community to prove the existence of a third genre.

However, anti-doping controls are not fooled. A negative doping test does not mean no doping. All the quality of the concealment lies in the quality of the medical team, which accompanies the athlete, to prepare undetectable doping products for the current tests. That’s why the sports federations keep blood and DNA samples for re-testing years later with the new detection methods, and they regularly see that a doping-controlled medalist was actually positive at the same time. doping. In short, the only genre to which this athlete belongs is solely to that of doping. But beware, the LGBT propaganda magazine will say that people who disagree are behind in the evolution of society.

Another point, the article considers hermaphrodites as a third sex and indicates that hermaphroditism is the consequence of a developmental disorder. Can incomplete development of female or male organs be considered a third sex? Men with micro penis is it a fourth kind because their gender has not developed properly? Are the physical development disorders responsible for hermaphroditism a new genus or malformation related to industrial products containing endocrine disruptors? Will all new malformations be recognized as new genres? The kind of Siamese, Down syndrome, or one-legged? Putting the genre on all unexplained things prevents one from searching for and finding real more scientific causes such as the link between physical malformations and the body’s exposure to chemical agents or nutrient deficiencies.

Source : Fémina – Bientôt un troisième sexe ?


Here is another article that advises women to dare erotic disguise to awaken the flame under the duvet. Ideas for outfits are offered such as: the sexy nurse, the naughty secretary, the domineering mistress, the rabbit, the Siamese cat, etc. Translation of the message: disguise yourself as moronic women and it will excite your guy. Ridiculous. As if a sane guy wanted to fuck a woman disguised as a rabbit.

Since these fake sex specialists do not know the techniques or processes to excite a person, they fall back on external elements to provide excitement. This is the beginner’s error. So I will repeat myself again, but the excitement must come from yourself and not accessories. So develop your skills.

Source : Femme Actuelle – 15 déguisements sexy pour faire grimper la température


I could still quote you a lot of stupid sex articles written and published by Women’s Magazines, but I think I showed you enough to make you aware of their inefficiency, and their counter productivity.

Moreover, they are not Feminine Magazines, but media held not economic and political lobbies whose only objectives are to make money and manipulate public opinion.
For this, these Magazines order their editors:
– articles with high-scoring titles to generate money by creating fake buzz that boosts sales.
– articles promoting products or services that generate advertising revenue paid by advertisers. Articles that help women to improve themselves are prohibited because they would destroy the entire economy built around sex.
– articles praising homosexuality in an attempt to federate public opinion to the LGBT cause.

As for editors who have differing opinions, they are simply excluded from the mainstream media. Now, you have a real knowledge of Women’s Magazines that give only false advice to women, and whose editors are not more specialized in sex than the neighborhood baker.


Lastly, for women who are looking for methods to awaken their libido, develop their skills as a femme fatale, or improve their fucking techniques, follow a real sex formation with the best performing instructor. I explain everything you need to know to ensure that only you and your partner are at the origin of the sexual development of your couple.