Sex toys: enemies of the couple

Reading time: 3 min

In the last decade, sex toys have become much more accepted among women. Today, almost every women have one or more for individual use. Nevertheless, the businesses that sell these sex toys know that there is also another consumer target that is quantitatively very important and that is much less exploited: the couples. And like all good salesmen, these stores have changed a lot their communication strategies to encourage couples to buy their products. To do this, they promise couples new pleasures during their sex life, to boost their libido, etc. So, let’s see what it really is.


First of all, if women appreciate the solo use of a sex toy, it’s not the same story for couples.

Compensate for the absence of a partner

First of all, when women are alone and use sex toys, it is to compensate the absence of a partner. So, once they have a partner, it’s useless and contradictory for a man to offer them a sex toy for their sex session, because what they want is a real dick, not a plastic one or other substitute toys.

Vaginal work

You also have women who use some sex toys to strengthen their vagin to feel and provide more sensations. These are exercises that women can only do alone. So, the use of the sex toy in this case does not fit into the couple either.


Technically, when a man uses a sex toy on his partner during sex, it can give the partner a lot of sensations, if not more than the man. We could say that it’s positive, but it raises two problems.

Man delegates his role to provide pleasure

Delegating his wife’s pleasure to a piece of plastic is the same as delegating her pleasure to her neighbour. It is no longer you who provide pleasure or orgasm, but an external element that does it for you. What I want to say is why delegate this role to a piece of plastic, when a man can make a woman comes.

Man has a level lower than a sex toy

Then, if a sex toy gives more pleasure to the woman than the man, it means that the latter has a performance level lower than a piece of plastic.

When you are aware of these 2 points, you understand that there is a real problem.


It should be noted that even if some sex toys are ultra efficient and ultra orgasmic, men have a performance potential 100 times higher than these sex toys. Unfortunately, most men do not reach this potential because of their lack knowledge, and that’ why some unconsciously use sex toys with their partners. So, what I would advise to men is to not use sex toys to give energy to your couple while you are fucking, but rather to improve and progress to be superior than a plastic toy. By improving, men will win on all levels, and will provide women with much more intense sensations than the best sex toys.
Moreover, for men who would also think that a sex toy is useful to facilitate a woman’s dilation work, I will tell them that everything sex toys can do, your fingers can do it too.


To conclude, sex toys manufacturers are satisfied with the lack of skills of many men to offer services to couples, not items that increase skills, but items that keep men in an insufficient level of performance to sell a multitude of items that compensate for their level. That is a very important thing to understand. If you go beyond commercial communication where you are presented with the use of sex toys within the couple as something magical, that gives a boost to libido that revitalizes the couple, etc., you need to understand that sex toys doesn’t positively improve the sexuality of a couple, because they keep the male partner in a low level of performance. As I usually say, when you’re performing well, you don’t need accessories.
One more thing, in sex toy, there’s toy. And men don’t use toys. Toys are for kids. So, for men, behave like men and seek performance. And for women, push your men to become more efficient.