How to please a woman

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A man can please a woman in many ways and also with her faults. Nevertheless, the more faults a man has and the more likely he is to please women. Which seems logical. And that can have three consequences: either rakes when a man is in a hurry, or a breakup or infidelity in a relationship. And as many men ask me for advice to please a woman, here are mine.


On one side we have the draggers, with good or bad results, who do not understand why a woman puts a rake on them or pushes them away. On the other hand, there are couples, some of whom do not understand why they have been dumped, or that their wife has deceived them with another man.

Unfortunately, a man takes a rake, is dumped, or cheat, very often because it is his attitude that does not meet the expectations of the woman he approaches, or with whom he has a relationship. And to please a woman, one must first start by removing what displeases him. We will see everything that may displease a woman.


Regarding the brakes with women, we find shyness, lack of insurance, the beginnings and systematic requests for authorization. Each of these factors diminishes the potential for human attraction to women.
So I advise these men to address women normally, without imagining them above you, inaccessible or otherwise. I want to say that they must be impressed by you, but not the other way around. It will facilitate and improve your communication with.


One of the things that displeases women is men who have either the physical appearance of a child or his behavior. And how many times have I heard women complaining and saying, “I feel like my mother” or “I’m dating a real kid,” and so on. These are examples to show you that when a woman sees a man as a child, it is always negatively perceived as immaturity.

The high voice

I know that for some men, what will be a problem for them when they go to women, it’s going to be their voice too high. Some adult men still have a child or adolescent voice. And between a voice at Bourvil and a voice at Clint Eastwood, you can imagine that there is one of them that will be more successful. So my advice, for those who have too loud voices, do exercises like singers to work your voice and make it more serious.

A baby face

Another childish feature is that of the baby face. Have baby faces, men who never use the strength of their bodies. And that the women detect right away and they lose points to other men. For those who want to appear less child, I advise them to start a hard physical activity. It will transform their face.

The flashy clothes or super heroes

Regarding clothes, a guy who dresses with very flashy colors or with references to cartoons, Star Wars movies or superheroes, it will also push a lot of women.


There are also some hobbies that are a real brake for women. If a man approaches a woman, or has a relationship with, and puts forward only entertainment such as video games, card games, football, or any other game, she may see a man who only likes to spend time having fun, like children.

Of course, I’m not telling you not to have fun anymore. But I advise men to find a balance in entertainment and also to have intellectual pursuits.

The decoration way teen room

Good if you are an adult, and you receive a woman or live with, in a place with posters or figurines of superheroes, collection of comics or manga, again these men reduce their chances with women. They will feel like a teenager, more than an adult.

Children’s nicknames

bad habit also taken in many couples is the use of some nicknames that infantilises their relationship. So I strongly advise men to let their wife call them my baby, my sugar, my darling, my big teddy bear, my rabbit, darling, loulou, etc. These are the names that parents usually give to their child. So if the woman calls you that way, she puts you on the same level as a child. And if it is the opposite, she will see that you consider her as a child and not a woman. In both cases, this detail makes you lose points.

The means of transport

Then the means of transport such as scooters, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc., it’s fun to do but originally it was made for children. And that women know it. So when a woman is approached by a man on a scooter or whatever, or lives with that man, she will automatically see that she is using a child’s toy. And in his mind, there is a contradiction in seeing an adult on a kid thing. So again, the man gives a bad signal.

In short, a woman will always be more attracted by a man with the confirmed status of a man than by a man with the features of a child.


Another thing that displeases women even more is men who are too well cared for or who use female codes.

The beauty of the body

When a woman has a man with baby skin in front of her, or who has a perfume that smells better than hers, or has even longer hair than her own, or has a haircut to her beard to make herself beautiful, or worse who completely epilates the pussy like her, well she sees a guy who diminishes his masculine attributes.
And if this man moves away from the man’s side, he inevitably gets closer to the woman’s side and loses attraction to her.


Beauty being feminine, men who want to accentuate their beauty through jewelry once again diminish their attraction to women. Diamond in the ear, piercing, necklace, watch jewelry are fashion accessories that are on par with women. And women are less attracted to guys who use the same props they, and look like them.

Men’s clothing by Jean Paul Gaultier

Let’s move on to the dress part. I strongly advise you to avoid tight clothes, pink and its derivatives, t-shirts, and shirts very open neck to show his cleavage, and shoulder bags. If you think it’s masculine, go to the Marais district in Paris and you’ll find that it’s a dress code borrowed from the gay community, which in turn borrows this dress code from women. So the more a man develops the feminine side in his dress, the more he diminishes his chances of success with women.


Whatever one says, women analyze the physical of the man. And women prefer men with robust physique or dynamic build. That inspires them security. The more frail or corpulent a man is, the more this man loses points with women.


Here is a point that concerns only couples. In men and after several years together, some people feel less desire to kiss and abandon the sexuality of their wives. And this decrease of sex frustrates enormously those women who feel obliged to go elsewhere to fill their desires. So remember to always satisfy your wife.


A man can also lose points of attraction in women if he has an addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. It’s a classic but still worth remembering.


To conclude, see all these criteria as a scoring system with points. Imagine that your total value is 100 points. And every time you do something that is contrary to women’s expectations, you lose 10 points. Well if you lose 10 points here, 10 points there, and so on, you can end up with a fairly average or critical rating.

And the consequences of these bad grades are:
– men who have difficulty in flirting with women,
– men who are dumped by their spouse,
– or men who have even been in a relationship for a long time are deceived by their wife with another man who has more points.

So now what I wish you to please a woman is to have maximum points to successfully seduce with those you like, or simply to strengthen your relationship and ensure its sustainability.