Beauty in men does not attract women

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Very often, men who ask me for advice ask me about how to become more beautiful to please women. So I tell them that beauty in men is of no effect either to flirt or to fuck. Let’s go to explanations.


First, let’s define what I call beauty in man. It’s going to be all that is superficial and that revolves around the fashion for man through: clothes, shoes, accessories, jewels, perfumes, cosmetics, as well as the aesthetics of haircuts, beards, and cock hairs. It must be understood that it is not by focusing on something superficial that men will attract women.
And for those who would play the card of provocation and who would say in this case, that there is more than to stop washing and being dirty, I will answer them not to confuse beauty and hygiene. A man may decide to stop following the superficiality of fashion while having good hygiene.


In short, if beauty is a superficial criterion, you will ask me rightly what attracts women? The power of attraction comes in 3 factors: physical strength, intelligence, and money. Women seek men stronger than they physically and mentally to be able to solve all their physical, intellectual, and financial problems. Answer at least one of these 3 criteria and you are sure to please a woman. Answer several of these criteria and they will all want to marry you.
Now that you know the 3 fundamental factors to please a woman, you understand that beauty is a superficial factor that brings nothing to her, and is too weak to compete with strength, intelligence, or money.


Let’s move on with the pick up part where I will prove that beauty is useless with 4 profiles of different men.

The handsome man who does not please

For starters, there are a multitude of beautiful guys who are rejected, ignored, or dumped by women. So why are they rejected if beauty is a factor of attraction? Just because there is a problem in their behavior, and they do not meet at least one of the 3 criteria outlined above.

The guys may be the most beautiful possible, if according to the criteria of the woman, they are not smart enough, do not seem enough to inspire strength and security, or do not have enough tune Well, women release them like any pariah.

Another point, some women also consider that an excess of sartorial refinement, hairiness or jewelry in man is approaching an effeminate or even gay behavior. And this refinement which was supposed to have an attractive effect is transformed into a repulsive effect. When a woman has doubts about the heterosexuality of a man because of his look, it’s never a good sign.

The handsome man who pleases

Very often men make the mistake of thinking that beautiful men please women because of their beauty. No, if a handsome guy likes a woman, it’s only because he meets one or more of the 3 attraction criteria: strength, intelligence, and money.

The man not beautiful but who pleases

Third profile, that of the guy not beautiful, see ugly but that pleases women. I know guys who have broken jaws, who are light years of fashion, and attract many women. These guys are so robust, that they physically inspire safety for women, and that they can perform all the physical tasks that women can not perform for lack of strength. And this force attracts many women.
You then have the not-so-smart and smart guys where a lot of women are seduced by these men able to mentally support them, or solve their problems.
Then you have the guys not beautiful but rich who will know only models all their lives.

Once again, if these unpopular guys like women, it’s because they only meet the 3 criteria of attraction that I mentioned.

The man not beautiful and who does not like

Fourth and last profile, not beautiful guys who do not like women. So they have the same flaws as beautiful guys who do not like. In other words, they do not respond to the famous rule of 3 criteria of attraction.

In short, all this is to show you that physical beauty, clothing, hair or other, has no impact on your success with women.


I was also asked a relevant question about the makeover. Why if beauty does not work, the relooking can improve its attraction to women? So there are indeed cases where it improves, and others where guys are considered clowns. So I will explain why these differences in results, and also that success stories still have no connection with beauty.

The relooking that works

In cases where the relooking works, it is only because men have strengthened their image of man, reducing or eliminating all the superficial part. By modifying this physical aspect, the man will modify his state of mind simultaneously, to release a greater insurance with the women, and to be more affirmative. And in fact, it is this new behavior that pleases women and not beauty. The relooking is a triangular system where by changing the visual appearance, we will achieve the change in behavior. It is an effective method when it is well mastered.

The relooking that does not work

Nevertheless, you also have cases of relooking that make the man regress and reduce their success with women. So we find men who change their visual appearance by focusing on fashion and the superficial and who move away from a virile image. And as the behavior adapts to this new, more superficial image, it becomes less and less mature. And these 2 points repel women.


Can beauty help you be more successful? The answer is no. It will not help you to be more enduring, to provide better orgasms, or anything else. You can be as beautiful as possible, it will not help you to fuck properly. And I can even say the opposite.
Of all the shots to 3 that I made with couples where we were 2 men to fuck a woman, all the guys who do their best are the ones who fuck the least good. It is never those who are preoccupied with their beauty who fuck like men. And that’s not my personal opinion, it’s my observation on the ground.


Well, even if the beauty is useless for the man, there is still a category which profits from it, and it is the industrialists. You must know that men have never been great consumers in terms of fashion and beauty unlike women. See the clothing stores, it’s 80% women for 20% men. Perfume stores are the same, etc. All the manufacturers know this, and have therefore thought of different ways to consume men and get rich a little more. Therefore, to consume men, the manufacturers make them shine unrealistic desires through advertisements in the street, public transport, television, social networks, your computers, and your smartphones. They make men believe when consuming their products, changing clothes, haircuts, etc., they will either please women, be more popular by looking like their idols, or appear richer.

In short, that beliefs that in reality do not work. However, the industrialists thank those consumers who like to be beautiful, because without them, they would not spend their holidays in Yacht.


The power of male beauty is only a belief established by large corporations for commercial purposes. To please women or be a good shot, just stop investing in everything that is superficial, and focus on the essentials. Behave like men and not as fashion consumers. Develop your strength, your intellect. Be charismatic. There you will please women.