Why men cheat women

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EEver wanted to know why a man could fool a woman? You will discover all the reasons in this article. Before turning to the detailed explanation, I did a survey on Snapchat asking men why they could cheat. And here is an excerpt from their answers: the human being can not be satisfied with one and only one person, to realize unfulfilled fantasies, and routine. There is the idea but it remains incomplete. So it’s time to see what it really is.


As for women, the most common factor of deception in men revolves around lack of performance about sex.

The lack of performance

Problem n°1, the woman does not know well enough to fuck. When a man has in front a woman who does not know very well jerk off, not very well suck, not very well fuck, or who does not let go enough, it will be a problem. The man will deceive at one time, or another, to find a fulfilling sexuality.

Advice for women: observe the feelings of your partner, improve yourself, let go, and there will be no problem of infidelity.

The drop in the number of intercourse

Here too, we have women who are fucking less and less with their man, year after year. As a result, they will look for other women to make up for the lack at home.

Advice for women: you have a man you love, so do not neglect his sexuality.


There is another category of men who become unfaithful because the sexuality of their couple is routine, stagnant, without novelties or challenges. Although men are just as guilty as their wives of not changing their sexuality, they unfortunately tend to go elsewhere to look for something new, rather than make the effort to find new erotic adventures to offer to their wife.

Advice for women: Bring a breath of fresh air regularly. Show that you can be as hot and imaginative as you were in the beginning. Surprise him.

The mother effect of family

Another factor of infidelity among men within the couple is women who no longer feel the need to fuck once they have had their last child. For some, sexuality is only a tool to achieve their objective of having one or more children. Once the objective accomplished, no more sex, or the minimum. And that too is a disaster for the fidelity of a couple. Once again, they are forced to go elsewhere to maintain a sexuality.

Advice for women: do not deprive your spouse of sexuality.


The lack of femininity of some women also encourages some spouses to look for a more attractive woman. It must be known that it is always the most feminine woman who wins it over the one who is less female. To better help you understand, what keeps a woman away from femininity and what brings her closer, I’ve prepared a list for you.


Pants, short or shaved hair, blue or pink coloring, face piercings, excess tattoos, drunkenness, drugs, cigarettes, vulgarity, sportswear, sneakers, caps , body shape…

All that is common to a man will distance a woman from her femininity and lose attraction with men.


The dresses, the long coats, the long hair, the shoes with heel, the elegance, the absence of eccentricity, a harmonious silhouette…

Comparing the 2 lists, it is easier to visualize what is most attractive for a man. Men who deceive their spouse in relation to the physical aspect generally do so on these criteria. And these men are waiting for one thing only, that their spouse become a woman.

Advice for women: be feminine, and you will be more attractive to your man.


When a couple encounters relationship problems, it is a very risky period because many men are cheating on their spouses, either to have sex without relational complications or for revenge.

Advice for women: getting angry or angry will not solve anything and will only block your partner. Seeking and exposing a solution with calm and self-control will strengthen your relationship.


Sometimes a man and a woman have to move away geographically for several months or years because of work. Although they love each other, men and women are subject to sexual impulses, and long absences often give adventures on both sides, the aim of which is only to compensate for a lack of sex.


Beware of letting go with the pounds and weight gain. It is very often a cause of infidelity in men when their companion takes more than 20% extra weight compared to the time when they met. I remind women that, in the man, the excitement goes through the visual. So if the visual no longer excites, a man will seek excitement from another woman. It may be primitive, but it is so.

Advice for women: stay harmonious and exciting for your spouse.


On the other hand, when a man is communicating to improve your relationship by raising a problem, listen to him and look for a solution. Although it may be unpleasant to hear about the moment, we must accept the fact that there is a problem. Know that many men have warned their wife of their marital problems, and then cheated on her because she turned a deaf ear.

Advice for women: do not ignore a man who tells you that something is wrong with the couple. Find a solution, and you will not have any problem of infidelity.


Those who have broken their conjugal duties are often pointed out, but it must be understood that infidelity is only a consequence of a problem installed upstream in the couple. And when a man goes elsewhere, it is very often because the spouse has an inappropriate attitude.
Concerning the women who have been confronted with an infidelity, I advise you rather to put your ego aside, to remain with your man, and to improve you. By correcting your faults, you will already regain your self-confidence, but also find that your relationship will be much better than before and more solid.
And conversely, if you decided to change your man while keeping your faults, you would continually expose yourself to being deceived.