Cuckolding: what are the motivations of these men?

Cuckolding is a libertine practice that consists of a man in a relationship sharing his wife with another man and watching her get fucked by the latter. The man who shares his wife is exclusively a spectator, jerks off or not while watching the scene, and does not intervene or fuck at any time. This is the principle of cuckolding. Now, let’s look at the motivations of these cukold men. Why do they want to see their wife getting fucked by another in front of them? Having fucked several hundred women on behalf of cuckolds, I will show you behind the scenes of this discreet but widespread practice.


Candaulisme spectacle érotique

Cuckolding is very often presented by their followers, the media and porn as a search for erotic entertainment that would respond to a fantasy on the part of the couple, based either on pleasure or on a game of power domination submission. Some people even add that the couple would be more strengthened with this practice because it would offer a more adventurous sex life and without a hidden external partner as in certain extramarital relationships. Here is the official version and very embellished.

Indeed, my experience in the middle of cuckolding showed me a completely different reality. But before revealing the true motivations of cuckolds, a reminder of the basics of behavior is essential.


Comportement & candaulisme

Dan Lok – Commerce and Consumer Behavior Research Professional:
People don’t use a method, good or service for what they are, but for their ability to solve a problem. People don’t buy a drill because they want a drill, but because the tool meets to a problem which is to have a hole in a wall.”

This simple principle that Dan Lok exposes is fundamental and concerns all areas, including sex. If we take the case of my Elite Sex Training, my clients do not get it to develop skills. Men get it to solve problems with erection, stamina, difficulty getting orgasms, etc. While women get it to stop having gaps in the field of fucking, handjobs, blowjob, being better than their boyfriend’s previous ex, etc.

Regarding fucking and cuckolding, it’s exactly the same principle. Men do not become cuckolds because they want to, but because it allows them to solve different problems.

Source Dan Lok : How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime – SELL ME THIS PEN


During my appointments with couples practicing cuckolding, I observed that approximately 90% of cuckolds men presented with sexual dysfunctions. It is these physiological disorders, and not the search for erotic entertainment, which ended up directing these men towards cuckolding and only to respond to the following 2 major issues.

Cuckolding to avoid infidelity or separation from their wife

The main objective of men practicing cuckolding is to prevent their wife from being unfaithful and maintaining a hidden affair, or breaking up to seek another man because of their difficulties or their impossibility to provide pleasure. Consequently, these spouses call on external service providers in order to maintain satisfactory sexuality for their wives while controlling the relationship of the two lovers.

Cuckolding to feel a lost pleasure

The second objective of cuckolding is to try to remember what sexual pleasure is indirectly, because the sexual dysfunctions of cuckolds prevent them from having direct pleasure. To circumvent this problem, these men are therefore oriented towards pleasure by proxy by delegating their sexual performance to an external speaker, and by imagining themselves feeling the pleasure as if it were they who were having sex.


We are now going to go back up the causality scale, and you are going to discover what are the factors that make these men afraid of being left by their wives, sometimes want to feel indirect pleasure, and end up becoming cuckolds.

Cuckolding & erection problem

Candaulisme & problème d'érection

Many men practice cuckolding because they have serious erection problems. How do I know? Quite simply because, when cuckold couples called on my Escort Boy services, many men immediately informed me of their erection problem, and that was the reason why they brought another man to fuck their woman. While other men, more discreet about this problem, watched the show, sitting naked in their armchair, trying to jerk off but never managing to create an erection.

This libertine practice made it possible in priority for all these men to prevent their wives from leaving them by maintaining a fulfilling sexuality for them, then in the background, to take pleasure by proxy by watching another man fuck in their place in an attempt to remembering the pleasure that sex brings.

Premature ejaculation problem

Among the cuckolds, some also told me that they were premature ejaculators and that they felt they were unable to satisfy their wives properly. Therefore, in order to prevent them from leaving them because of sexual dissatisfaction, they preferred to bring in more enduring partners while watching the scene because it was the only time when they could see their wife in the climax of their excitement.

Cuckolding & micropenis problem

Candaulisme & micropénis

Another problem observed on the ground among the cuckolds who jerked off while watching the scene was men with micropenis. As a reminder, a micropenis is a problem of insufficient development of the penis that occurs from birth. Men with an erect penis of less than 7 cm are considered medically micropenis.

These men told me that they were aware of their handicap and of not being able to fully satisfy their spouse, so they called on outside contributors to help Madame maintain a fulfilling sex life, and they usually jerk off while watching the scene.

Small parenthesis concerning the origin of micropenis. Some scientific studies show a correlation between increased micropenis in men and increased use of baby bottom wipes. These being soaked in chemicals, the mucous membranes of the genitals absorb endocrine disruptors which would be responsible for the increase in genital malformations in young boys, as well as future uterine cancers in women.

When we know the ethics of manufacturers and their laboratories, it is ultimately not very surprising. Summary of the story, all products containing chemical agents are harmful to health and you must avoid using them for the good of your children and for yourself.

Source : L’Agence des produits de santé met en garde contre les lingettes pour les fesses des bébés

Falling source of excitement

Some men have also told me that they do cuckolding in order to spice up their couple because after a certain number of years of living together with their spouse, a routine had set in. These men experiencing a certain sexual weariness and not knowing or not wanting to make efforts to revive the excitement within the couple prefer to resort to cuckolding to sexually satisfy their spouse. Of course, the primary objective is always to prevent her from leaving them.


To begin with, you should know that cuckolding is never an initiative of the woman but always that of the man. And two visions stand out among women according to their social class.

Candaulisme femme

Middle social class women

Middle-class women are rather reluctant at first because they are afraid that their spouse may become jealous and leave them immediately. The fact of being left is not in itself a problem for the woman. His problem is to be left without having another man as a base. As a reminder, a woman never leaves alone, or at least it’s not in her schedule.

So once the male cuckolds have sufficiently reassured their spouse by making them understand that they were not going to dump her once their first experience of cuckolding is over, she is finally convinced and takes a lot of pleasure in it. These women find in their new partners either a normal sexual performance which compensates for that which their spouse cannot provide for them because of their physiological problem, or the ardor and desire of the beginning.

High social class women

Women belonging to high social classes, whose spouse is wealthy, will submit to the slightest wishes of the latter and without any hesitation. They know that if they refuse, their spouse will just have to snap their fingers to have an abundance of women who will replace them overnight. So these women, wishing to keep not their husband but a certain financial ease, will agree to fuck under the gaze of their husband with all the men who present him.


Candaulisme & jalousie

Although cuckolding is presented as a libertine practice carried out by people with a liberated spirit, cuckolds are nonetheless jealous. Because even if their level of jealousy is low enough to agree to share their wife sexually, it remains high enough to forbid them to fuck with whoever she wants and when she wants.

You should know that it is always the men who organize the sex dates of their wives, by preselecting their partners, and by constantly being present in order to monitor that no sentimental relationship is born between the lovers and their wives.

Note that if only the pleasure of their wife was essential in the eyes of cuckolds, as they all claim, they would let their wife fuck with whoever she wants, and without imposing their presence on her. But as it is fear that drives cuckolds, they never allow their spouse to fuck alone with another man.


90% of cuckold men I met had sexual dysfunctions and, once again, we are far from the fantasized image of cuckolding conveyed by the mainstream media and the porn industry. Cuckolding is in reality only a triangular method used by men, who under the guise of wanting to provide pleasure to their wife, allows them to anticipate the risks of rupture on her side, and to find by the occasion a form of sexual pleasure via vicarious pleasure.