Aphrodisiac foods: effective or scam?

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Many professionals often hear the virtues of aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate, ginger, asparagus, oysters, garlic, etc. According to them, certain foods would boost libido, increase the vigor of erection, sexual potency, etc. But is it really effective, or false, and intended to boost the sale of products? Today, Vincent Body Expert puts an end to the assumptions and brings you a concrete answer on the subject.


You can eat chocolate, ginger, asparagus, oysters, garlic, saffron, truffle, caviar, ginseng, or any other food with the virtues presented as aphrodisiacs, it will have no effect on the erection or libido, and whatever the amount you consume.
I tested, and I found no change whatever the food. So as a sex expert, I say that this method is ineffective, and invites you to forget about it.
The only thing you would eat a lot of chocolate is to gain weight, to eat a lot of garlic is to scare the vampires away, and to eat a lot of truffles or caviar is to get used to luxury.

Moreover, if one takes the example of Viagra which is a powerful product doping for the erection, there is no cocoa, aspèrge, or any other aphrodisiac food in its composition. It is composed only of purely chemical molecules. Go to the pharmacy to learn about the composition of products for erection or libido, you will not find anything based on cocoa, and saffron.


All professionals such as journalists, cooks, or food sellers who communicate about the virtues of an aphrodisiac food know that it is pipo. And yet, these same professionals promote and coat them with scientific qualifiers such as: vasodilator effect, endorphin stimulation, testosterone stimulation, etc. These scammers hide fake with a science image that is guaranteed by an audience that does not know how the body works.

Journalists write rags on anything and everything either to publish a paper for their boss, or to promote products for a check.
The cooks talk about aphrodisiac foods to put some mythology and legend in order to embellish a food or a dish.
Then sellers specializing in aprodisiac foods do business by shining solutions to people with erection problems or libido.

This is how unethical professionals promote false virtues.


When there is a problem of erection or libido, it means that one or more external factors interfere with the proper functioning of your body. Therefore, it is not by adding an aphrodisiac product that you will solve the problem, but it is by removing the one or more factors that interfere. It’s very important to understand that.

Is your erection or libido problem related to a concern, a failure to respect the sleep cycles, a physical exhaustion, a sexual routine, the undesirable effects of certain drugs, a daily industrial diet loaded with hormonal disruptors, etc.? You can take any outside product to help you, this will not cure you until you eliminate the original problem.

For people who would like to be guided to detect and eliminate factors that interfere with the proper functioning of your body, I invite you to follow my Sexe Elite formation. You will find all the necessary information to find and intensify the libido, or to have a solid erection.