The NoFap: advantages, limitations and disadvantages

Before developing the subject of NoFap, let’s remind the uninitiated what it is. This name, which came from the Anglo-Saxon countries, and recently made fashionable, is nothing other than abstinence from masturbation. For the vast majority of men following this practice, NoFap aims to reduce or eliminate an addiction to solitary pleasure often associated with excessive consumption of pornographic videos. Then more in the minority, some men also use this method to try to solve erection problems.

As this movement has spread widely on the web via influencers, NoFap has almost become for some a sacred philosophy of life to the point that some men even decide to stop jerking off for good in the hope of benefiting from a thousand and one virtues. Although manual abstinence has excellent advantages for solving certain problems, it also has limitations and can also generate a disadvantage. I will therefore explain to you in which circumstances it is interesting to use manual abstinence, and under which circumstances it may be necessary to jerk off.


Regain normal excitement

The major downside of jerking off to porn too often is that it trivializes sex or scenes that may be violent, kinky, or unreported. As porn creates a routine for the mind, consumers will continually seek out more impactful videos in order to constantly regain a satisfying level of psychological arousal. And when this same user goes from virtual to real with a partner, 2 effects can occur. Either the man does not know how to regain his arousal normally and has erection problems, or he is forced to go into a brutal or perverse drift like the one seen in porn to regain arousal at the expense of his partner. So again, getting away from porn for a long time is an effective method of disconnecting from the fake, and regaining normal, healthy arousal, as well as adequate sexuality with your partner.

Restore energy to the erection

For other men, it is excessive use of handjobs, with or without porn, that creates physical fatigue on the body leading to a gradual decrease in erection. Therefore, taking a period of abstinence will allow them to rest their body and regain a stronger erection.

Free yourself from a handjob or porn addiction

Addiction porno NoFap

NoFap porn addiction It also happens that men become addicted to excessive consumption of masturbation often coupled with watching porn. This may be due to sexual misery, that is, an inability to find a mate, to overly strong hormonal urges, or to a way out of boredom associated with inactivity. More and more men are becoming aware of their addiction to handjob or to porn, and many of them decide to break with it in order to become master of themselves again. Therefore, going through a period of abstinence will allow these men to regain serenity and control of their minds.

Have a maximum of energy before an intense effort

Handjob ejaculation releases endorphins, which are sleep hormones, in the body. In other words, when a man jerks off and squirts, he becomes calm and tired. And the more a man jerks off and ejaculates in a short period of time, the more his mind and body decrease in dynamism. Some men are aware of these sluggish effects and therefore use NoFap intelligently to maximize their physical and mental performance during events requiring great effort such as a school exam, a professional project, intense sports practice, etc.


For men who wish to solve erection problems using the NoFap, it should be noted that this method is only effective for erectile dysfunction related to a psychological routine or too high ejaculation frequency. NoFap will not solve the other factors that cause erectile dysfunction such as being overweight, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, overconsumption of sugar, taking narcotics, etc. To learn more about this, I invite you to read the article on how to solve erectile dysfunction.


Inconvénient nofap

Manual abstinence known as Nofap also has a significant drawback. As the sexual pressure is never or very little released, it increases sharply the longer the abstinence time, considerably increases the sensitivity of the cock, and causes faster ejaculation. It will therefore be recommended to stop doing ejaculation retention and jerk off within 3 days of a date to decrease sexual pressure and increase endurance.


NoFap or manual abstinence is a tool to achieve a result. And like any tool, you need to know when to pick it up, when to put it down, and when to take it back if necessary. But there is no point in continually using a tool when results are already being achieved. A person who is no longer addicted to handjob and porn may very well go back to jerking off and watching ass videos for fun as long as it is kept casual and aware that porn does not represent the reality.