Street harassment and prevention

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For this article, I will address a very hot topic, very controversial, which is street harassment. Well I tell you right now, I am against harassing, as I am against stealing, or harming someone. At the moment, we often hear in the reports about the harassment of women on the street, that men are the bad guys, that they have to change their behavior, and that a woman is free to go out on the street dressed as she is. wish, and when she wishes. Good to put a little clarity in things, men are not all predators, and stalkers represent only a minority of men.


Concerning the stalkers, you have 2 profiles. There are the madmen on the one hand who harass or attack any woman, without any distinction, and there are those who only blame women.

For the first category, being accompanied by a man is the best prevention. It’s patriarchal but it’s proven.
As for the second category, women can take other precautions to minimize the probabilities of problems and ensure their safety.


To understand the reasons for harassment, one must first understand that the body of the woman is a source of greed for the man. Some people will say that it is bad, others will deny it, but the reality on the ground is as well. In addition, you will find that the woman’s body is very often sexualized in television ads, in men’s and women’s magazines, as well as on the street. And that men are hammered daily with sexual desires. And today, those in charge of these campaigns of hyper sexualization of the body of the woman are men as well as women.

Now that you know that bulls are bullied on a daily basis, we are going to analyze the category of bullies who attack a specific female profile.


You must know that a stalker has selection criteria. And when he’s in the street, he does his casting to pick a target.

Sexy clothes

The more the clothes are short, tight, will show or highlight sexual attributes such as breasts, buttocks or pussy, the greater the risk of harassment for the woman.

So some people will say “yes, but women are free to wear what they want, they must not change their dress. It is up to men to change their behavior. So already normal men do not harass. It only concerns stalkers. And telling a harasser not to harass is like telling a thief not to steal. The efficiency rate is close to Zero. And I never heard that a woman said to her stalker or assailant, “No, but it is up to you to control yourself and not to me to change” and that the stalker is gone.

On the other hand, I saw these women who, being unaware of the risks they took, then asked the men around to get rid of their stalker. So yes, they are free to wear whatever they want, but they are willing to take risks.

Just as a man is free to walk down the street with his wallet in his hand. Nevertheless, he will quickly expose himself to becoming a target for thieves. Whether a man or a woman, anyone who exhibits a sign of lust increases their probabilities of having problems.

Accessories to attract the eye

A woman who is going to wear piercings on her face, tongue or navel is more likely to get attention than a woman who does not wear it. Girls who wear face piercings usually want to show that they are released. Those who wear on the tongue are the first to boast of providing the best feelings with when they suck. And those who have one on the navel wear it to draw attention to their bodies. In these 3 cases, these stalkers see women released sexually and approach them more frequently. And the same thing for tattoos that women let appear publicly near their breasts, their buttocks or whatever.

Women who are alone at night

Well again, women have the freedom to move when they want. But it is known that women are more likely to have problems at night and all alone.


With these 3 points, I showed you that there is a difference between the ideology of freedom and the reality on the ground. And having an ideology of freedom does not protect from the dangers of the street. Only concrete and preventative actions such as having less sexy outfits or accessories, and avoiding night out alone, increase women’s chances for peace and security.
I strongly advise women to adapt to the risks and to take preventive measures, even if they limit their freedom and that it is unfair.


Now, I’m going to move to the pseudo feminist movements that say “Yes but the woman is free to do what she wants with her body, or to move when she wants“. These movements do not care about women’s freedom because they are all sponsored by big textile and beauty companies who think only to consume women by making them buy piercings, jeans with holes , mini shorts, lipsticks, perfume, tattoos, and a maximum of accessories. Behind these false libertarian movements are hidden only financial interests. And women’s safety is absolutely not their problem.


So to summarize, we have on one side a consumer society that floods the scene with images of hyper-sexualized women who constantly excite men. And on the other hand, there are some women who draw men’s attention to their body through suggestive clothing or accessories who are unaware of the dangers of the street.


Now that women are free, 2 solutions are available to those who take risks. Either they ensure protection against the stalkers by brandishing the ideology of freedom and being the puppets of the big industrialists of consumption, or they take concrete and preventive measures to physically ensure their protection.


To conclude, I would like to remind you that not all women are responsible for their harassment, but that there is a category of women who have a risky behavior that incites stalkers to select them as targets. I hope this article has allowed some women to become more aware of the dangers of the street to protect themselves and be quiet. As for those who decide to take risks with full knowledge of the facts, I just wish them good luck.