Top 10 of animals with an amazing sexuality

Wild and domestic animals have a very different sexuality from humans. You are going to discover which animal species have the most numerous, the fastest, or even the most deadly relationships. Beware of sensitive souls and chaste ears, the animal kingdom is neither romantic nor egalitarian. It is wild.


lion sexualité animaux

The lion has the phenomenal capacity to be able to have up to 50 sexual intercourse per day with the lioness during the mating period which takes place every 3 months in the female. However, despite his imposing mane and devastating 190 kg of muscle, our King of the beasts is rather precocious with very short costs averaging 30 seconds. So once the act is over, the lion goes back to action every 15 minutes to make sure his partner is fertile. You could say that the lion has energy.

Another interesting detail, male felines have thorny protuberances on the penis that create pain during intercourse in females. Lions therefore often bite the neck of their partner in order to immobilize it to prevent it from biting or scratching them.


Venomous and deadly, scorpions have a sexuality in their image. Solitary, male and female scorpions only meet during the breeding season. The scorpions then begin a courtship display, pincers against princes, tail against tail, which can last between 5 min and 1 hour. But if the female is not seduced enough, the male will not hesitate to employ a less chivalrous method of biting her and injecting her with a small dose of venom to drug her and make her more docile.

As it is often said, sex whets the appetite, and this expression takes on its full meaning in female scorpions. Less deceitful but more cruel, these have cannibalistic tendencies and do not hesitate to attack their male partners in an attempt to devour them as soon as the fertilization is complete. Aware of this threat, the males immediately try to flee. However, 40% of females still end up devouring their partner.


sexualité reine des abeilles

In a whole hive, only the Queen bee is destined to have a sex life because she is the only one to be fertile. All other female bees take a vow of abstinence. The Queen is therefore the mother of all bees in her hive, with the exception of some worker bees which may come from other colonies.

6 to 10 days after birth, the queen bee leaves to mate with 12 to 15 males in a single period to fill her spermatheca and lay eggs during her 7 years of life.

To achieve this, the virgin Queen but already libertine will leave the hive, release pheromones, and attract drones. Mating takes place in mid-flight. The male penetrates the Queen, and the Queen contracts her abdomen causing both her suitor’s ejaculation and paralysis. The royal fuck then stops for the lucky ones who, paralyzed, tip back and fall from their Queen’s back. At the time of the fall, the males tear their genitals still stuck in the Queen causing them a fatal injury. These mutilated males sadly end their race on the ground and die a few moments later. As for the other male suitors who were not chosen, they will be banished from the hive and will die of hunger or cold. This is the fate of the losers.


Sexualité oiseau canard

With their beautiful colors and their certain elegance, the ducks seem rather peaceful. But a huge conflict exists between male and female ducks when it comes to copulating. Indeed, the male has an unfortunate tendency to want to reproduce without the consent of his partner. So the cane has developed a biological anti-rape mechanism.

As the male erects, his penis deploys in a spiral shape. And to prevent the female from being penetrated by the first comer, she has evolved biologically over time and transformed her vagina into a spiral but in the opposite direction of the male’s penis. Thus, the female prevents or complicates access to forced penetration of an unwanted individual. Clever the cane.


The female kangaroo

Kangourou sexualité

This may make some readers fantasize or surprise, but the female kangaroo has 3 vaginas to accommodate and store sperm and 2 uteri to be permanently pregnant.

Kangaroo male penis

Pénis mâle kangourou

As for the male kangaroo, he has a bifurcated penis which separates into two independent columns. You should also know that among the many species of kangaroo, 1 minority species presents males with the testicles above the penis and which would be very mobile.


Sexualité baleine

Male whales are mammals with an incredibly large reproductive system. During mating, the males deploy their penis which can measure between 2.5m and 3m long and have the ability to direct it in the water like a tentacle. During ejaculation, it is simply an explosion of semen that occurs. Indeed, they can project up to 1,800 liters of sperm, the equivalent of approximately 2m³ of sperm or 15 bathtubs.

In some varieties of whale, the males are so virile that they can have testicles reaching a combined mass of 1 ton. Sacred beast!


Sexualité animal antilope topi

Topis are a species of antelope, whose female topi is addicted to sex and very libertine during the 24 hours of her ovulation period. She then begins a race against time by searching, harassing and fucking with an average of ten dominant males during the day, to ensure the survival of the species of course. But what you have to remember is that the topi female wants the dominant male, the real one, the virile one! The egalitarian or metrosexual male is not interested in the topi female.


Sexualité animal renard

The fox is a solitary animal with an original sexuality. The male begins by mounting normally on the back of the female to mate. Then, to ensure that no rival can fertilize the female after him, the male fox swells his penis during mating until the 2 partners can no longer separate. He turns around and the 2 animals find themselves back to back for about ten minutes, the time for the sperm to progress through the female’s uterus. After this time, the penis returns to its normal size and the couple can finally separate.


Sexualité animal cochon

Scientists from the Federal University of Fronteira Sul and Lavras, in Brazil, were interested in the reproduction of male pigs, including the influence of ejaculation time. The researchers thus analyzed the sexual relations of nine pigs on false sows, and observed that their orgasm lasted extremely long. Indeed, the ejaculation of the pig lasts an average of 6 long minutes, with a minimum of 2 minutes and a breathtaking record of 31 minutes. The male pig is therefore the big boss of the long orgasm.

Source: Influence of Ejaculation Time on Sperm Quality Parameters in High Performance Boards


Sexualité poisson-pêcheur

From the lophiiforme family, the anglerfish is an animal of the abyss known to hunt by attracting its prey with a small frontal light.

This fearsome killer of the depths is no less terrifying when it comes to breeding. The male being much smaller than the female, the latter bites her and completely penetrates inside her body to mate. He thus provides her with sperm and blood until her death.


The sexuality of animals does not respond to any moral or sentimental code related to human beings, and this is completely understandable. In a nature where the whole environment is hostile and competitive for animals, their sexuality has only one objective, to transmit at all costs a maximum of genes and the strongest in order to sustain the life of the species.