Support for Idrissa Gueye – The free man who says NO to the LGBT lobby

Today, we are going to focus on a controversy that is making the news in the world of football. We are going to talk about the Paris Saint Germain midfielder, Idrissa Gueye, who preferred to refuse to play a football match than to wear a jersey in the colors belonging to the LGBT homosexual movement. This act of refusal under cover of another reason has therefore made the hairs of the depilated bodies of the LGBT lobby stand up, which the latter is trying to put pressure on in the media to sanction this non-progressive player, who came from ancient times.


The choice of player Idrissa Gueye and the pressure put on him raise several questions. Is an individual free not to support a cause? For my part, I believe that each person should be free or not to support a cause and that no one should be forced.

Not supporting the LGBT movement, is it not supporting the fight against homophobia? In the progressive camp, a fallacious argument is presented stating that not supporting the LGBT movement is not supporting the fight against homophobia. So it’s wrong. Because many heterosexuals and homosexuals are in favor of a fight against homophobia but are unfavorable to the LGBT movement which they consider extremist.


Doesn’t the lack of support for player Idrissa Gueye’s LGBT movement come from his overly traditional and non-republican Muslim religion? In the progressive anti-religious camp, the evil player is Muslim and therefore his traditional view of a family consisting of a father and a mother is archaic and patriarchal. The Senegalese player is not Disney enough like with Doctor Strange 2 where two mothers have a daughter. The Senegalese player understands that if you rub 2 pussies against each other, it doesn’t make a child or a family.


This incident shows clubs are not independent even though we have known that for a long time. If a club imposes on its players membership in an extremist lobby, hidden under an ideology, and withdraws or tries to sanction free men, it means that independence left the club a long time ago. At least this event has the benefit of revealing who has balls and who submits. And we can see that some of our idols have more the profile of maids who beg for their check, than of men whose freedom is priceless. And obviously, Idrissa Gueye has received more support from his home country than from his own teammates who are all shaking with fear of speaking out and getting fired.


I doubly support Idrissa Gueye for wanting to remain free to support a cause or not, and not to associate with an extremist movement that deconstructs the image of the family.