How to take pleasure with anal

Sodomy consists in the man penetrating his sex into the woman’s anus to give her pleasure. It is a very basic definition that can be seen in a dictionary. My goal is to give you the details that a dictionary doesn’t provide.


In women, anal pleasure is physical

Contrary to what one might think, when a man sodomizes a woman, she is the one who benefits from the best sensations and not the man. If the sodomy technique is well mastered and performed by their male partners, the sensations of pleasure may be more intense than a vaginal penetration.

Plaisir anal femme

Some women even abandon vaginal penetration to do only anal penetration, which gives them more pleasure. In some cases, women having lots of experience in sodomy, only reach orgasm through anal penetration. This shows how much sodomy gives a woman a lot of sensations when it is well done.

In men, pleasure is psychological

Plaisir sodomie

Men like to do this technique because they have access to all the erogenous zones of their partner’s body. This gives them great psychological satisfaction because they have a feeling of total conquest.

Moreover, I am talking more about psychological pleasure than physical pleasure in men because in terms of physical sensations, sodomy gives them less pleasure than vaginal penetration. Indeed, the woman’s anus offers excellent sensations to the man but only for the first few minutes when it is still tight. Once the anus is dilated, it offers much less pressure around the cock during penetration and the physical sensations for the man decrease.

This is where psychological pleasure takes over for the man, because it excites him enormously to see his partner reaching a maximum level of pleasure, which vaginal penetration does not always make it possible to achieve.

But for the man, between the anus or vagina, it is the vagina that offers the best physical sensations, because it is a much more powerful muscle that can compress the cock over its entire length, and throughout the duration of the intercourse.


Préparatif sodomie

Everyone knows that the anal cavity is part of the digestive system and that it is the last path for the evacuation of organic waste. Therefore, it is best for the woman to have sodomy after evacuating everything and not before. Some women also do an anal enema with a water jet to ensure cleanliness.

In the backstage of porn, actresses often use laxatives products to evacuate well, or constipating products to prevent evacuation. I advise you both, and even more if you want to anal regularly. It is not good for your body to take medication for regulating the digestive system repeatedly if you do not have any health problems. This could cause digestive disorders later.


To go from sodomy often described as painful to sodomy procuring orgasmic sensations, Instructor Vincent will decipher and explain in his book The Art of Fucking all the techniques leading to anal pleasure. You will learn all the steps such as anal dilation work time, lubrication, and penetration, as well as the precautions to take when a woman goes from anal to vaginal, the risks of sodomy poorly performed, exercises stretching and bodybuilding of the anus.