Why do the most coveted celebrities get cheated on by their spouses?

They are the most beautiful or coveted women in the world and yet these actresses, models, or singers have found themselves on the long list of celebrities deceived by their spouse. Among these celebrities who have been deceived, we could mention Shakira, Emily Ratajkowski, Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston and many more.

So why do these women who seem inaccessible and who make men around the world fantasize finally find themselves rejected by their spouse? Why do these men prefer to exchange the most beautiful women in the world for ordinary women such as their cleaning lady, their nanny or the local waitress? As an Escort Boy, it turns out that I had the opportunity to meet several celebrities. And I was able to discover that their image presented by the media was very different from that presented in private.


First of all, you have to understand that the only image you perceive of celebrities through the media is an image fabricated from scratch to appear as attractive as possible in order to attract as many audiences as possible. From a physical point of view, this translates into excessive makeup, cosmetic surgery and Photoshop. And from a psychological point of view, this translates into a dedicated team of communicators who will guide celebrities on what they can or cannot say, on the faults to be camouflaged or, on the contrary, to be created in the case of before pseudo rebels. In short, you cannot know anything about a celebrity through the information you are given. Everything is fabricated or filtered to achieve the most attractive image. And it works, because these celebrities make the whole world fantasize.


Emily Ratajkowski trompée

Having met several women who are part of the very select club of celebrities, here is what I found.

Celebrities locked in their role

I observed that some of these women were locked into their celebrity role and had lost all natural behavior in terms of their gait, their way of expressing themselves, of dressing, etc. Even if these were pleasant with me, they had lost all notion of naturalness and spontaneity, which for me was not at all attractive.

Celebrities are good at seduction, not sex

When I fucked with celebrities, I expected something exceptional because of their beauty and their mastery of seduction above the norm. But it was a total disappointment compared to my expectations. To my surprise, they had a strictly average level of fucking like the vast majority of women. I’ve even met some absolutely gorgeous celebrities who were real starfish. kiss. So afterwards we understand why some spouses seek their pleasure elsewhere. You can be with the most beautiful woman in the world, if she can’t fuck you’re bored.

Celebrity dice with flaws and vices

I was able to observe, always among celebrities, nice, benevolent, interesting women. But I have also met insipid, unstable, venal, capricious, alcoholic or cocaine women who absolutely do not make you want to be in a relationship with them.


Celebrities have exactly the same qualities or faults as any woman. Take this in well. Except for their physical beauty, they have absolutely nothing superior to others. So nothing justifies putting them on a pedestal. They have the same qualities, defects and sexual performance as the local baker, your boss, your office colleague, your supermarket cashier, etc. And this explains why despite the exceptional beauty of these celebrities and their notoriety, they encounter exactly the same problems of marriage and infidelity as any woman.