Anorgasmia: causes & solutions

So as some people like to put complicated names on simple things, anorgasmia simply means an impossibility to reach orgasm. It is a pleasure disorder that can affect both women and men, but women are quantitatively more affected. To understand how anorgasmia works, you have to understand how orgasm works. To achieve orgasm, two factors are necessary: having psychological arousal as well as adequate physical stimulation. If you only have 1 factor out of 2, it doesn’t work.


Anorgasmie : absence d'orgasme

Often the women and men I have met in coaching cannot determine the origin of their lack of orgasm. In the vast majority of cases, anorgasmia is linked to a lack of performance by the partner or an inadequate lifestyle that tires the body. But in some more minority cases, it turns out that anorgasmia is linked to the psychological part that interferes with arousal.

And by doing some research into past events, we often come back to psychological disorders such as self-devaluation; family, work or health problems; body or performance complexes; barriers related to religion; sexual violence suffered; medications affecting the psychological state, etc. As you can see, the causes that interfere with arousal are multiple and can even add up. So it is quite normal and predictable that a person who is focused on a problem and not only on pleasure does not reach a peak of excitement and orgasm.


To solve this or these different factors that interfere with arousal, you must work to identify and correct the problem either by yourself or with the help of a professional such as a psychologist, a sexologist or other.

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Know that anorgasmia is for a minority of women linked to a psychological factor, but for a majority linked to a lack of performance and knowledge of the female body in their male partner. So for those who would like to increase the performance of their spouse, I invite you to offer them a very instructive book, with all the pro techniques.