100% of women squirt

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When the man stimulates very quickly a precise area inside the woman’s vagina, she will eject a liquid, called cyprine, in the form of jets, hence it is called fountain woman. The jets can be large or small, and the amount of liquid relatively large. So, I advise you to put towels on the bed if you don’t want to soak it. To do in the bathtub or shower is better. You should also know that this is a very physical technique for humans. It’s an earthquake we have to provoke, so you can imagine that it won’t be with simple caresses.


Negative. There is no category of women who would be fountains and others would not. Women are all fountains because it is only a stimulation technique that provides the squirt effect and this works on any woman. Again, it is the experience that speaks for itself. You put any woman in my hands and, in less than 5 minutes, I open the valves.


Do you see the power of a nuclear fungus? This illustrates perfectly the intensity a woman feels when the technique is made. I can tell you that this is the most powerful sensation she knows about sex. Although this technique does not necessarily result in an orgasm, the sensation is more powerful than this one. The intensity level of this technique surpasses everything, orgasm and fucking.


I have read a lot of articles on this subject indicating that the woman should be particularly mentally relaxed, be in perfect symbiosis with her partner, be in love, blah, blah, blah. That’s bullshit. Go explain this to the hundred women I’ve done this to outside clubs, bars, or anywhere. These women do not know me and therefore have no symbiosis with me. Feelings Zero, neither side. We’re only here for sex and everyone knows it. Even for the most shy and prudent women I had to take out the umbrella. This reaction is purely mechanical.

I also hear some women saying that you have to find the right Dowser, as if it were mystical. But when you have understood that this is a matter of body mechanics and not mysticism, I would rather say that they must find the right mechanic. So, it certainly takes away some people’s magic, mystery, etc. But there is no love for causing the squirt effect, just finger pressure inside the pussy.


No man can really be a good fucker, as long as he does not have the most powerful technique that is that of the Fountain Technique. So if you do not know this legendary technique or if you do not master it, sign up for my training, or download the digital version of The Art of Fucking, and learn how to provoke a hurricane of sensations.