Which fat or skinny women fuck best?

As an Escort Boy, known as Vincent Body Expert, I’ve had sex with over 1,400 clients made up of thin, fat, top model, obese, anorexic and more. So I’m going to give you an update on all the urban legends and clichés that indicate that it is fat women who fuck the best, or on the contrary that it is thin women who fuck the best. I will share my experience as a sex worker and give you a specific and definitive answer on that.


Performance is not related to body mass, provided that the latter does not represent a handicap. Performance is linked to knowledge about sex and mastery of its techniques. Therefore, good sexual performance is achievable by any woman whether thin or fat. That’s the fundamental principle.


Sexe femme mince

Now, I’m going to explain the nuances I’ve observed in the field with all the body diversity of the clients I’ve had. The women who fuck better are quantitatively significantly more numerous among thin women than among corpulent, fat or obese women. And this quantitative difference can be explained in a very simple way. Thin women tend to feel more comfortable with their body, have an easier time riding it, and therefore have more partners and experience. And conversely, corpulent women often have more complexes with their body, more difficulty in showing it, and therefore have fewer partners and less experience.


Problème sexe obesité

As I indicated to you at the beginning of the article, performance can be impacted if the body mass presents a handicap. And here I am thinking of women with obesity. For having fucked with a dozen obese customers, that is to say around 110 kg (242lb), I have not met any performing. And again, the explanation is very simple. At first, there is the lack of experience that we clearly feel and there is above all a problem of mobility. The positions are very limited for these women because their excess fat mass greatly complicates access to penetration and creates pain in their knees. In addition, it is also much more difficult for them to be active over time because they are very quickly out of breath.


You will find high achievers and very bad ones in both thin and corpulent women. The only difference is that quantitatively successful women are much more numerous among thin women and much less present among those who are corpulent or fat.