Is the love of women always sincere?

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It is seen very often that women tell men that they are in love with them. These guys are absolutely convinced of this, and even more when they have the impression of being special and unique. First, I need to bust the myth, which will not satisfy the ego of men, but will give you real insight of the truth. There is no special and unique man, and I am not an exception. If the relationship with your spouse breaks down, ask yourself how long it will take for her to reconnect with another man, and eventually will also find something special and unique in his behaviour. Similarly, the same thinking can be applied for all the others. I understand that this is hard to accept this reality for some of you, but the sooner you are going to accept it, the faster you will understand better the women.


Now let’s discuss about the core of this matter. Through my work, I observed many couples in their intimacy and I learnt that only few women had a sincere love. Moreover, the situation was exactly the same on the side of my male friends. To be more precise, I saw 10% of women who were really in love, whereas 90% of women were only interested in men’s other aspects, such as his money, his contacts and influence, his apartment, and even the possibility of being a potential father, etc. Consequently, all these interests are hidden by the emphasis on love, which always gives men the impression of being unique. So, I will give concrete examples to you that I discovered enormously.


The attraction of money

Many women are only in a relationship for men’s financial situation. Generally, the amount of money in the banking account she will have access to, is proportional to her beauty.

I also had the testimony of a woman teacher working in a high school. She told me that she was appalled to see some young women coming to her school only to select men with high financial potential in their future.

Then, it exists another category of women who want to maintain financial comfort at any costs. They are able to run away as soon as their husbands lose their jobs.

Social advancement

Many women want to rise socially to improve their economical status. Therefore, their strategy is to get close to influential people, or their intermediaries in order to gain a step closer into more important positions. Sometimes, they are simply looking for an opportunity to stop working.

The race to find a genitor

Driven by hormonal impulses and a ticking biological clock, countless women are looking for genitors at any costs. This category of women does not seek a man for his moral values or his future ability to be a good father. Clearly no. They are looking for any man who can ejaculate and give pregnancy.

Also, you can meet women getting pregnant to get a hold of a financially well-off man. This strategy reduces the likelihood that the wallet-on-legs portfolio will take off in several decades and cut off its funding.

Finally, another strategy: there are women who can’t maintain a long relationship with a man and make a child for every man they date, thinking that this method will eventually keep a man forever.

To conclude with pregnancies, we observe a classic behaviour that consists in women having children when they realise that their husbands are about to leave them. They also use pregnancy as a mean of pressure, thinking that the arrival of a child will prevent the break-up.

The acquisition of French papers

I have seen many foreign students and other types of women looking for French paperwork. They are only hunting men with French nationality specifically. When they meet men without this requirement, they automatically reject them, as it is their prioritised criteria.

The home squat

When I was finishing my studies, I also saw young women around me who were in a crisis relationship with their parents. I noticed they were selecting only men with an apartment and settling down with the first person that came along in order to leave the parental home. Of course, none of the men, on whom these women laid hands, understood the real manoeuvre on this transfer of residence.

Still concerning the home, some women in precarious financial situations bet all their charms to make men with a home fall in love with them so that they can squat at their home. Thus, they can save rent or avoid being homeless.

Fear of loneliness

Loneliness is often an unbearable feeling for many women. As a result, many of them are also looking for the first individual around only to satisfy a personal fear.


Men do not know women

If women can manipulate men, it is unfortunately because men do not know the different vices of them. These men only see the love they claim to have, and rarely realize that their spouses are actually exploiting the situation. Moreover, this feeling of sincerity is even more deeply rooted in men when their relationship takes place without any conflict or in an idyllic way.

Men don’t put the right filters on

Another mistake made by men is that they do not put enough attention when choosing a partner, missing logical filters to eliminate wrong profiles and ultimately to select their right partner. Men tend to focus more on women’s qualities instead of their vices.


As explained in my previous examples, many women start a relationship based on material or social interests that are totally far from sincere love. Therefore, if you want to have a woman who loves you sincerely, you will need to establish selection criteria other than beauty, fuck performance, or your difficulty in meeting partners. To obtain a sincere love, the priority is to seek out vices and exclude all those women who have them. Taking the first lady coming, that makes eyes is not a guarantee of a qualitative relation. Please, analyze her attitude and see if she is interested in you for your moral values, or if it is because she can obtain something from you. As soon as you find an interest she is coveting, it’s over. There will never be sincere love if she is considering you as an investment. It’s very important to understand that.


90% of women who show signs of love consider men as investments. Which means that 90% of the men in couples who watch my video are with a woman giving a love that is not sincere.
Despite the provision of this information, many men will refuse to look for the slightest defect that could catch doubt on their spouse’s sincerity and call into question their relationship. These men will prefer to turn a blind eye to stay in their comfort zone.
However you will have another category of more reckless but also minority men, who will test their companions without fearing the truth even if they may face unpleasant reality.