Being sex plan means being second choice

We are going to focus on sex plans or more precisely on men and women who have difficulty moving from sex plans to serious relationships. Let’s start by remembering one very important thing. Being someone’s sex plan means being considered second choice. It’s the friendzone but in a premium version and with more fun. A person who only wants sex with you, no matter how successful you may be, means that you are not meeting their expectations in terms of attraction related to physique, psychology or social status. This is why a sex plan that lasts does not usually turn into a serious relationship. From this observation, you have 2 options left.


Option 1 : Evolve

Evolving to offer a better version of yourself and meeting the expectations of the person you are interested in will allow you to move from casual status to a serious relationship.

Option 2 : Enjoy being a date without expecting anything in return

Fucking without expecting anything in return allows you to fully concentrate on sexual pleasure. You just have to be aware that your partner will stop your interviews when he or she gets into a relationship with a person who really meets their expectations. It’s just that simple.

But know that it is useless and counterproductive to want to hang on to a sex plan if you are not in sync, nor ready to change. Sometimes you have to accept the fact of not being compatible and simply know how to savor fleeting moments.


If a person has a series of sex dates without ever managing to get into a serious relationship, it means that the problem comes from them. So there is no point in ruminating and blaming others. Nature has always been very selective. All the people who have nothing to contribute to building a home are last on the list, or even off the list. If a person has no added value, has nothing to contribute to building a family and ultimately only has sex to offer, then in fact they will all the time be relegated to the simple status of hookup. Therefore, to leave this status, you will have to question yourself and evolve.


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Being a sex plan is never a disadvantage. This exclusively carnal and often ephemeral relationship offers the possibility of realizing lots of fantasies. It also allows you to test many techniques and increase your knowledge about sex and your performance. Remember this, any experience is worth taking.

Furthermore, if you wanted to move from hookup status to a serious relationship and it doesn’t work out, consider this again as a lesson. This means that you do not know how to meet your partner’s expectations and that you need to develop your knowledge about m/f relationships. The more you know how to meet the expectations of your partners, the more requests for sex plan will transform into requests for a serious relationship.