Puppy Play: these men who live like dogs

Do you know Puppy Play? You do not know what it is ? This is a good sign, it means that you are in good mental health. Puppy Play is a practice of the LGBT branch where a man dresses up as a dog in a rather BDSM outfit, moves on all fours, barks like a dog and responds to the orders of a master. Of course, the Puppy Player can have other playmates and be part of a group of canines.

Here are some crisp video clips of this inclusive and progressive practice. So get comfortable, prepare a bucket to vomit and have a good session.


Puppy Play : simulation de zoophilie

Here is another glimpse of the zoophile++ LGBT Puppy players community. So why do I say zoophile? Because during my research on the Internet on the practice of Puppy Play, I found more videos where gays bugger men dressed as dogs, than videos on the social part of this practice. We can therefore wonder about the mental balance of these individuals practicing the simulation of zoophile.


Puppy Play LGBT enfant

In this other photo, you can see a little girl standing in front of three half-naked dog men, the latter of whom obviously have more than an identity problem.

As a reminder, this Puppy Play community is part of the LGBT movement which campaigns in schools to educate children and adolescents about gender identity, sexuality, etc. They, who are lost and who do not know who they are, will tell others what they can be. It’s the world upside down. So message to parents, if you do not want individuals with zoophilic tendencies to come into contact with your children, put pressure on the establishments so that they prohibit LGBT representatives from entering your schools.


Regarding this video, I find it rather comical. We observe 2 men, one of whom is convinced to have adopted a pet and the other of whom behaves as is. You have 2 individuals who are trying to normalize a zoophilic role-playing game with the public. So yes, I say with zoophilic connotation because according to the videos that I have seen on this practice the masters then fuck with their dog.


Puppy Player exclusion

Puppy Players report feeling excluded from society, do not want to be sexualized and put in boxes.

The problem is that they want to be part of a society that consists of norms by wanting to be outside the norms. They want to be taken seriously while talking and barking with a dog mask and looking like psychopaths. They don’t want to be sexualized but always show themselves half-naked, in BDSM outfits, wiggling their buttocks, and most of the videos on the internet about them are zoophilic porn.

Therefore, the extremist behavior of Puppy Players based on their sexual deviance logically excludes them from a society built on norms.


Puppy Play and its followers could almost look like a cult. It is an extension of the LGBT movement, which is based on a practice based on intercourse with a sexual connotation between men and animals. To be more clear, it is a simulation of zoophily. These followers are made up of people with sexual deviances and consider that it would be beneficial to normalize this very particular love of animals among the public. This is Puppy Play.