Why flirting with very beautiful women is not difficult

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I often hear men tell me that they dare not approach or flirt with a woman because she is too beautiful and must be inaccessible to them. So I am going to tell you about my experience with many beautiful women, top models, dancers, etc., and I will explain to you why there is nothing inaccessible about them, and that they are normal women like any other. others.


So the first thing I would advise men to avoid putting pressure on themselves is not to put a person on a pedestal because of their looks. If I take the example of models that I know very well, what is it? They are very beautiful women whose job is simply to walk… on catwalks. They are not doctors, they do not save lives. They walk and wear clothes. So you see put like that, there is much more exceptional. Beauty is one thing, but it doesn’t make a person extraordinary.


Appreciate the beauty of a woman, but don’t admire it. You admire someone who is superior to you. And if you approach a woman showing that you are in awe of or stressed out about her beauty, you are simply going to show that you are in an inferior position to her. And that, she feels it immediately.
In seduction, there is no such thing as equality between men and women. Women do not like men who are their equals, let alone those who are inferior to them. All women, no matter how beautiful they are, are only attracted to men who impress them, and most often dismiss those showing signs of weakness such as a position of inferiority, fear, hesitation, lack. insurance, the beginnings, etc.


In order to be able to seduce a beautiful woman, you have to start by taking a step back from her beauty and taking an interest in her personality. Because a woman, no matter how beautiful she is, can just as easily be a good or a bad person. During my professional experience, I have met some very beautiful women some of whom were very nice and cool, while others were real vipers. There were the cultivated and the stupid, those disinterested in social advancement and calculators, etc. So you see, very beautiful women have exactly the same qualities and flaws as all other women, no more and no less.


All women who highlight their beauty in their profession, such as models, actresses, singers, dancers, athletes, influencers, journalists or others have functioned in the same way. Many of them are accessible to everyone for fucking, but are only accessible to a minority of men for a serious relationship. Indeed, if these women have professionally invested in their physique it is not mainly to increase the performance of their work but to conquer men with significant financial capital allowing them to rise socially and ensure a luxurious lifestyle. But be careful, if a man’s capital diminishes or disappears, very often his wife also disappears. So if you are targeting this female profile, be warned.


To sum up, seducing a particularly beautiful woman requires not putting her on a pedestal because of her beauty, showing that you are not impressed by her lovely physique, addressing her normally as any other. other woman, and impress her.