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This is the Braille Transcription and Publishing Center (CTEB) interview regarding the transcription of my book about sex “The Art of Fucking”.

“The Art of Fucking”: a polemical manual transcribed into Braille. Interview with Vincent Body Expert, its author. “I don’t want to advertise this book, but I don’t want to censor it either.” Here is the dilemma that remained in our hands after a few weeks of internal debate on whether or not to adapt “The Art of Fucking”, this book with its particular tone. The biases of the author and the author himself, intelligent and direct, with his job as an Escort boy and a porn actor, his relationship to the sensitive, to women, to sexuality, to words have touched many things in us. Undoubtedly, the controversy in the team on reading this book on the current techniques of sex workers is certainly not unique to us. This book exists, we adapted it in Braille. It could have been stored in the corner of a cupboard but we chose to use it as a support, an example to address fundamental questions about the sex industry, its lexicon, its lies, its dangers and its pleasures. A point of view coming from the inside… And if alongside all this, other sensitivities and expertise are articulated in this file, then we thought of taking a step towards a real debate, open and inclusive!


Hello Vincent. Your book “The Art of Fucking” is a practical manual on professional sex related to your personal experience. Short, airy, succinct chapters, a text without seeking style that goes to the essentials, without repetition or long explanation. A chapter is equivalent to a question, a technique, a denounced cliché or an issue depending on whether you are a man, a woman or whether it concerns both genders. Then the chapters are organized starting with a short definition of the chosen subject, you make your observations and you promulgate your advice. Then a small “conclusion” paragraph sums it all up. Under 18 icon. What is your objective with this ambitious and sensitive book, and with this format?

the art of fucking sex book

Hello. This book meets 3 objectives.

The first is to respond to numerous requests from people who are looking for answers either to become more efficient and impress their partner, or to correct physiological problems in order to better live their sexuality.

The second objective is to be able to bring to the public, for the first time, a complete manual, purely technical, and with an optimized structure to easily and quickly memorize the information in order to be operational and efficient immediately after reading it. Its design is unique in sex books.

The third and last objective of this book is to restore a certain truth around sexuality, because my observations on the ground were almost all the opposite of the advice given by most professionals who deal with sex such as Sexologists, Coaches specialists, YouTubers, journalists, porn actors and actresses, etc. In the area of sex information, I have seen so-called specialists give bad or incomplete information either because they have no substantial experience in sex, or because they only have experience with sex professionals. porn and not normal life people. Without forgetting all the scammers who make misinformation for various ideological reasons, and those who sell ineffective products to solve sexual disorders when these can be solved most of the time with adequate knowledge on the functioning of the body.

In short, I was tired of seeing so many pseudo specialists telling nonsense to people who wanted real advice and solutions, so I decided to rebalance the balance. I wrote and published a book in which I shared all my knowledge acquired in the field. I explained all the mechanisms of sexuality in order to allow any person, man or woman, with or without a disability, to reach the highest level of performance and to provide maximum pleasure via techniques unknown to the general public.


You now call yourself an “instructor” and not an “advisor” or “coach” in sexual techniques. You previously worked for 6 years as an Escort-boy, erotic masseur and porn actor. You count 1,400 conquests during this period. For the neophyte, what does the term Escort Boy mean in 2021? What are the differences with the porn actor and the erotic masseur? What was your path to these atypical and still taboo professions?

I define myself rather as an Instructor indeed, but the public calls me as well coach or adviser. The titles vary according to the tendencies of the moment and of the public but the advice work is exactly the same.

I was indeed an Escort Boy for 6 years. It is a term used to say that you are paid to perform sexual services of a higher level, high-end. I was solicited either by women who were looking for pure performance, or by men who wanted me to fuck their wives in front of them like an erotic show, or wanted to perform a threesome where we took their wives together to fulfill a fantasy of the couple. Regarding the porn actor, his function is to fuck to produce films, videos or a series of photos for commercial purposes. As for the erotic masseur, officially his function is to perform a massage like an erotic show without any sexual performance. But unofficially there is very often sex, because that is what the clientele demands.

Regarding my journey, I started by doing relaxing massages in the homes of individuals but without success. People didn’t particularly care. Then from time to time, I had requests from women for erotic massages but I did not offer any. So I changed my business strategy and I transferred my entire range of relaxing massages for 1 month to offer a new range of but erotic massages. There it began to speak to the public. Then, men contacted me to offer erotic massages to their wives, and from this observation I changed my business strategy again to offer erotic massages for women but where the spouse could attend or participate. And there, it was the jackpot. One thing leading to another, I did a little porn, then turned to the Escort part, which was the greatest demand from customers. To sum up, I was not at all predisposed to work in this sector. It was by chance. I saw what didn’t work and what worked, and I adapted to the demand.


Your book is frontal. You don’t argue, you sit down. Right down to the deliberately raw lexicon. You are also very frank in the preamble of your book where you write: “Sex is learned, not feelings! In this book, you will only find techniques related to sex. At no time do I address the sentimental side. With my techniques, you can just as easily be sentimental, sensual or considerate, as wild, bestial or brutal. You are free to adapt them according to your wishes. I believe that it results from this deliberately abrupt tone and this absence of emotion that your book is difficult to welcome, disturbing or “aggressive” for some. You also say that you are subject to significant censorship by the media and broadcasters to sell your book. Is it voluntary on your part? Did you want this book to create controversy by writing it in this way or is it a professional deformation of the Escort who identifies itself over time with its professional environment? Or are you simply rather cheeky and iconoclastic?

It is quite understandable that some people do not identify with this purely technical style, devoid of emotion. I always used to say that emotions are good, but with the right balance. Firstly, in the field, I have seen far too often an imbalance where people were completely in the grip of their emotions and had lost all objectivity and all sense of observation. And this had the consequences of people who were convinced that their feelings or their love were enough to provide pleasure or good feelings, and did not realize that they actually provided little pleasure or even pain in some cases. Consequently, I had to put my feet back on the ground to a certain public disconnected from reality and which was sorely lacking in observation. And very often for this audience, the landing is often abrupt. Secondly, I depicted an uncompromising reality of male/female relationships as my field observations showed me. If my experience had shown me another picture, I would have shown another. But it is a completely different reality that the field has shown me. If I had wanted to caress the public in the direction of the hair or to flatter its ego, I would have done like all the other authors with watered down books, and who censor themselves to avoid scaring their publishing house and to be banned from selling their book.

The purpose of this book was therefore not to create a controversy but to bring a real image of society to the public whether it was harsh or not.

Regarding the censorship of the media and publishing houses specializing in eroticism and porn, it was quite predictable. One cannot both write a book in which one denounces the trickery of sex-toys, aphrodisiac products, Kamasutra books, the porn industry, etc., and be distributed by these same media and publishing houses who promote all this. It would be for them to shoot themselves in the foot to agree to promote a book like mine which destroys their entire business.


Your book is called “The Art of Fucking, Pro Sex Training.” Why do you want to professionalize people?

It is not my will to want to professionalize people, but theirs to want to become pros. There are always people who are passionate about wanting to sing like pros, drive like real pilots, or play sports like top athletes, and sex is no exception. Therefore, many men and women also want to have pro skills in the area of ​​sex for their pleasure and that of their partner.


Your book evoked very different feelings even within our team and sparked a lively debate. At a time when society is seizing on many fronts its demons about the overly sexualized and unbalanced male-female relationship, we wondered what message would your book convey? We finally decided to transcribe it into Braille. In a desire for eclecticism and literary openness because your work is out of category, but also to leave the choice to people in a situation of blindness to discover the body, the sexual act, enjoyment, coitus, the partner, certain practices, … from a technical angle. And you conversely, what is your relationship with disability? Why did you want your book in Braille?

I am delighted to know that despite the differences of opinion within your team, it has decided to transcribe my work into Braille. I am always for freedom of expression and letting the reader form his own opinion on a work, rather than censoring it and having intermediaries decide for the reader what is good or not. Even if some people on your team did not like the style of the book, several thousand people who got it through my website liked it, and were very satisfied to be able to solve their sexual problems, increase their performance, or live better as a couple.

Regarding my relationship with disability, it happened during my Escort activity when I met several deaf and dumb clients. Making a lot of videos on YouTube where I transmitted part of my techniques and my observations, I realized that nothing was accessible for the deaf. So I started subtitling each of my videos so that they too could access the knowledge. Later, I wondered how blind people learned more about sex, and after researching the internet, I found that there was absolutely nothing for them. There were only fictions and erotic novels, but no work enabling them to understand the mechanisms of sexuality. The sex sector is the 2nd industry in the world, and no professional has seen fit to make a gesture of mutual aid towards the blind. So there too I wanted to restore a certain balance by allowing them access to knowledge.


calvin klein sexy

Even if we see through this file that the X industry has certain new alternative currents that are more inclusive and egalitarian, sexual performance remains conveyed everywhere by porn anyway and it subjects many minds to many questions and beliefs that dare not be raised. In your book, you denounce certain clichés and illusions of this industry (sex-toys, viagra, large penises, shootings). Why ? What is your position in relation to this environment and this sex market in which you are also an actor and a broadcaster?

If I denounce the deceptions of the porn industry, sex toys, aphrodisiac products, etc. It’s mainly because I find it abnormal that they make mass misinformation, and sell a multitude of deliberately ineffective products and accessories to have a constantly dissatisfied clientele and renew their sales with new items year after year. Another clarification, although I worked briefly in the pornography sector, I never worked for outside productions precisely because of this lack of ethics. I have always worked on my own, independently precisely so as not to be forced to show falsehood.


When I started, I was always romantic and considerate with women. But they quickly made me understand that they preferred the adventurous man rather than the romantic. So I adapted, and I evolved to meet those closest to their expectations. In the end, I didn’t harden myself, I just understood women better, which allowed me to bring them more pleasure, and to avoid certain problems with some. These professional experiences have been very enriching and positive for me.


I have indeed realized a lot of fantasies but because it was asked of me as part of my job. If it had been exclusively in private, there are many that I would not have made because I did not feel the extreme desire to do so. So no, it is not necessary to realize all your fantasies to have a fulfilling sexuality.


In my opinion, a beautiful sexuality is knowing how to provide and feel intense sensations of pleasure in both partners. It is a bilateral pleasure and not a unilateral one. And to get there, it requires some technical knowledge, as well as a sense of observation and adaptation.


My interest in sex is always pleasure. I absolutely love taking my partner to the maximum of her excitement and pleasure, making her discover new sensations, or looking for new methods to provide orgasms. Seeing your ultra-horny partner is the best of the best for me.


Despite illness, physical complex or disability, I would advise these people to develop their knowledge of sexuality, which will overcome many of their apprehensions and will certainly allow them to take more pleasure. Having already met some deaf and dumb women and others with advanced cancer, I can tell you that after I gave them concrete explanations about sexuality, they were much more confident and successful than when they were arrival. In addition, performance is linked to knowledge, the ability to observe, the ability to adapt to the partner’s reactions, and attitude. And I can guarantee you that most of these skills are accessible to anyone regardless of their disability or illness. You just need to have the right tools to progress.


A word for your visually impaired readers who will discover your book through braille and the pads of their fingers?

I wish them a very good reading, and would tell them that even with one less sense, they can be just as efficient as a sighted person. I will also add that if they have additional questions to my book, they can contact me to discuss it.

Thank you Vincent for this exchange and this valuable insight.

French source: https://www.cteb.fr/lart-de-baiser-un-manuel-polemique-transcrit-en-braille/