Strengthening of the pussy

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The strengthening of the pussy, commonly called perineal strengthening or Kegel exercises, consists of the women doing contractions of their perineum to strengthen and tone it. By strengthening this muscle that connects the genital organ to the anus, women increase the power of their pussy, their orgasms, and the pleasure they provide to their man. In addition, this reinforcement also ensures better maintenance of their organs supported by the perineum, and avoids any problem of leakage or urinary incontinence.


The simple contractions consist in making a continuous contraction during 3 to 30 seconds according to your capacity, then to make a relaxation for a certain time, and to chain other series of contraction / relaxation. The goal is to be able to reach 30 seconds without tiring or difficulty after several days of training.

Contraction – Relaxation
Beginner level – 10 sets: 3 sec – 3 sec
Beginner level – 10 sets: 5 sec – 5 sec
Intermediate level – 8 sets: 10 sec – 10 sec
Intermediate level – 8 sets: 15 sec – 10 sec
Pro level – 5 sets: 30 sec – 15 sec


Very often used as a simple sextoy to provide pleasure to women, geisha balls are actually a strengthening tool.

For the record, Geisha was the name of prostitutes in Japan in the 18th century. They used this system of balls, not to get pleasure, but to strengthen and tone up their pussy, to make contractions powerful enough during the fuck to ejaculate their customers as quickly as possible. This allowed prostitutes to chain as many customers as possible and cash in more money. And if these professionals used geisha balls and not simple contractions, it’s only because the geisha balls offer better performance.

Choose your geisha ball model

– The number of balls: to have a model adapted to your morphology, a shallow pussy will favor a 1 ball model, and a deeper pussy will prefer a 2 ball model. Eliminate all models with 3, 4 balls or more, because the exercise that follows requires to circulate the ball or balls inside the pussy. And to get there, there must be space in it, not that it is fully filled.
– The weight of the ball: always to choose the most suitable tool for your body, it is advisable to women who begin to use balls of a light weight. Then, the more control they have, the more they will have to use heavier weight balls to increase the strength and power of their pussy.
– The diameter of the ball: to determine the size of the ball, the more a woman will have a dilated pussy, the more she will have to use a ball of a big diameter in order to have a better grip and to avoid that it falls all alone. And conversely, the more a woman has a tight pussy, the more she will have to use a small diameter ball.

Exercise with the balls of Geisha

The principle of exercise is simple. Without the help of the string, and only by the force of your contractions of the perineum, you will suck and then push the ball to make up, down, up, down, inside your pussy. At no time, the ball will have to come out of the pussy.
Regarding the time of the exercise, I always advise women to do it 5 to 10 min regularly. Once again, you will know that you are comfortable when you will not have any difficulty performing the exercise, and that you will be able to compress your guy’s cock while you fuck.


Yoni’s Egg is a newer, egg-shaped strengthening tool, and is often presented in mineral stone such as jade, quartz, etc. The principle is the same as that of geisha balls. The woman introduces her into the pussy, and exercises contractions and relaxation to solicit the muscle of the perineum.

The size of Yoni’s egg is also chosen according to the dilatation of her pussy. So a more dilated pussy will favor a bigger egg, than a tighter one that will require a smaller egg.

Another thing, if you do research on the internet about this, you will find many presenters present you this product with mystical effects.

They will say, “Let Yoni’s egg shine, have a sacred function, let the stone have energetic properties on your body, that its egg shape symbolizes life, that the stone will open your chakras, blah. BLA bla”. Good personal, I have always been indifferent to the karma of a stone. And I invite women who are not followers of mysticism not to close themselves to the use of the egg because it remains a good tool of strengthening in the same way as the balls of geisha.


If I had to recommend a particular method among the 3, I would rather guide you on geisha balls, simply because this method has proven itself with sex workers. Although some women have a preference for the egg rather than the geisha balls because they are better able to capture it because it is composed of only one element, women can also find compound geisha balls that of a single ball and who can do the same job as the egg.

In all cases, the most effective methods are those that provide resistance. And the pussy is a muscle that works like all other muscles in the body. It’s like your fitness session to strengthen your glutes. If you do squats empty, without extra weight, you muscle but slightly. If you do machine-guided squats with weights so extra resistance, you’ll have even more muscular and firm buttocks.
But you are free to experiment with the method that seems most suitable for you. Do not forget that every woman has a different morphology. Test between methods and see which one is right for you.


Vagina exercises are not just for women who want to have or get better feelings during their intercourse. Doctors strongly recommend that women who have just given birth, by natural means or by cesarean section, undergo rehabilitation sessions with a physiotherapist to tone their perineal muscle that has relaxed during pregnancy, and tighten an excessively dilated vagina. This rehabilitation aims to avoid any risk of leakage or urinary incontinence related to relaxation of the perineal muscle.
To achieve this, these physiotherapists will work with women contraction exercises located on the vagina, as well as fitness exercises seeking the strengthening of the abdominal belt that joins the perineal muscle. Because yes, for proper functioning of the perineum, it is also necessary that the abdominal belt is a minimum tonic.


When women know about perineal strengthening exercises, it is very often because they have given birth and on the advice of their doctor. But unfortunately, many abandon it once the medical prescription is over, believing that they will no longer be useful to them in the future. The strategic mistake! As for those who have not experienced a birth, many ignore these exercises of toning the pussy and miss the most intense sensations of their lives. So now that you know all about these methods, go ahead and practice them to have better orgasms, and tighten your guy’s cock hard. My article is coming to an end, so I wish you all the best!