Optimize your positions

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Many people wonder what are the best positions for fucking, when other people are convinced that such a position is the best one to give sensations regardless of the partner opposite. I will therefore answer certain questions, correct certain preconceived ideas on the functioning of positions, and reveal to you fundamental principles that any pro must respect to provide extreme sensations when he or she uses different positions.

To start, using positions is an essential asset to provide pleasure by playing with the different inclinations of the woman’s pelvis. However, there is another asset completely unknown to the public and which is that of the angles of penetration. And the secret to becoming a fucking pro is to always use these 2 assets at the same time. Make way for explanations.


The first essential point concerning positions is to understand that women and men each have a multitude of different morphologies. And when random morphologies are combined, it inevitably provides random or partial pleasure effects in the protagonists who do not adapt their fucking position in relation to their morphology.

So to answer a question that comes up often, there is no better universal position for all women. All women have a preferred position which gives them more sensations, but each has a different preferred position because it depends on the combination of her morphology and that of his partner which are unique.

Now, let’s take a look at how to always be at 100% of your performance potential and provide extreme sensations regardless of the partner in front of you. It’s relatively simple, you will have to adapt your fucking positions to your body and that of your partner. If you want to have a pro level, you will now be forbidden to fuck identically with partners with different corpulence. Among the pro, there are no random results, everything is under control. Here are the physiological criteria to take into account.

Height in height

epending on whether the person in front of you is too small, too tall or of equivalent size, this will determine whether or not you can perform standing, semi-inclined positions, etc. If there is a problem related to the difference in size, either you adapt the position to be better synchronized, or you eliminate it.


If you or your partner are overweight or obese, it is likely that certain positions must be changed or eliminated.

For example, the man will not be able to sit at the level of the buttocks of the woman, nor to penetrate her correctly if this one is lengthened on the belly and that her legs are very broad. And conversely, a woman will not be able to ride legs apart with a particularly corpulent man. She will favor riding tight legs.

Another example, if the woman has very wide legs, it may be that if she is lying on her back, the man in front does not have enough space between her legs to penetrate her properly. For each constraint of access to penetration in a position linked to a significant corpulence of the legs, it will be necessary to favor other positions favoring better access to penetration.

Another point, very corpulent people, men or women, often have pain in the knees when they find themselves in positions where the knees are bent and under pressure by the weight of the body. Consequently, it will simply be necessary to favor positions in which the knees will be bent but without pressure or positions in stretched legs.

Depth of the pussy

Some women have smaller pussies. So in the context of a small pussy, it will be necessary to be attentive and to avoid any positions with strong depth of penetration likely to hurt.


Discover in my formation the other essential morphological factors to optimize your positions and easily get orgasms with the angles of the pelvis, as well as the different angles of penetration. You will also learn how to prevent the woman from being injured with deep penetration, and will focus on the Kamasutra. To have a level of pro and surely impress your partner, get my book The Art of Fucking. And get ready to deliver an emotional shock!