The effects of positions

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Positions in sex, there are plenty. In humans, these positions will allow you either to regulate your excitement to be more enduring, or to increase your feelings to lead to ejaculation. As for the woman, according to the position, the man can multiply the pleasure of this one or make sure not to procure any pain. Let’s go to more detailed explanations.


The principle is simple, all the positions where the woman will have open legs tighten less cock inside, and allow the man to better control his excitement and endurance. And conversely, all the positions where the woman will have legs close will more compress the cock inside, which will increase the sensations for man but also reduce the control of his excitement and endurance. It’s up to you to vary the legs apart and legs open depending on your degree of control.

The missionary, the position that regulates the excitement in a man

For men who feel too excited and feel that they will not last long, I advise them to favor a position that gives less sensations like the missionary. It can be at the beginning of fucking or in the middle. Personally, I often start with the missionary story to take my marks, to control my excitement and after it is war. I hit in every way unimaginable.

Doggy style, the position that will increase the excitement in a man

For men who want more excitement, in this case, they must favor positions that are visually more exciting like those where we see more pussy, buttocks, or anus. The doggie is for example a good position both in terms of the visual level of physical sensations. Find the position or positions that excite you the most, and put them into practice when you want to give a boost.


Here is an example of positions with their effects.

The missionary

This is the classic position where the woman is on the back legs flexed apart and you enter. Classic yes but not to neglect. As explained above, it is the position that allows the man to reduce his excitement when it becomes too intense. It is an important position because strategic.

Sensations for women: normal
Sensations for man: normal

Flat on the belly

The girl is lying completely on her stomach and you are sitting at her buttocks. By playing with the pool, the man can make deeper penetrations. A variant exists where the man is lying on the woman.

Sensations for the woman: good
Sensations for the man: good

The doggy style

The girl is on all fours in front of the bed and the guy behind her. This is a very popular position of women. She is visually exciting and offers good sensations. You also have the doggy style where the man is half flexed on his legs. Changing the angle of the penetration accentuates the sensations but it tires the legs a lot for the man.

Sensations for the woman: very good
Sensations for the man: very good

Legs raised position

The girl is on her back, you are facing her and her legs are against your chest. The man can seize his arms by pulling them towards him so as to penetrate more deeply.

Sensations for women: very good or extreme
Sensations for the man: very good

Crush position

The girl is on the back, you are facing her. The man brings his legs back to the girl’s chest and slams his chest against her legs. The girl is completely folded in half. And usually in this position, we hit. It’s more for thrill seekers. This position can hurt the girl depending on whether the man has a big sex or if she has a small cat.

Sensations for women: extreme or painful
Sensations for the man: very good

Position of the spoon

It is one of the positions with extreme sensations. The girl is on the side, back to the man. She has the bed side leg stretched and the leg side ceiling flexed. The man is positioned between his legs while sitting on the knees and penetrates well. Likewise, the big genders can hurt so you see if you get to the end or not.

Sensations for women: extreme or painful
Sensations for man: extreme


Understanding the effects of positions is useful, but positions are just the tip of the iceberg. The most important is below and it is the system of angles of penetration. The latter is essential to achieve a high level of fucking. If you do not know it, get my professional formation in PDF: The Art of Fucking. You will learn how to intensify your partner’s orgasmic sensations to a level you do not suspect. Prepare for the emotional shock!