Orgasm in women

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For many men, orgasm in women is a mystery. Some men do not know how to get it at all, others do it with one woman and do not get it with another, others provide orgasms without understanding why, etc. So, I’ll explain everything so that orgasm in women no longer holds any secrets for you.


To begin with, there are 2 categories of women who have orgasms Those in whom it is visible, and those in whom it is invisible.

The visible orgasm

During a fuck session, women moan, bend, and contract under the effect of pleasure. Then at the time of orgasm, there is suddenly an intensification of these visual and sound indicators that can result in a long scream, a sudden contraction of the face, a stiffening of the body, followed by micro contractions or a total stop of the intercourse. In short, it is the change in the rhythm of the visual and sound indicators that allows the man to know when the woman came.

The invisible orgasm

Some women also have orgasms but do not express them in the same way, which totally prevents the man from knowing if she has come or not. They are usually very expressive women who scream, gesticulate, or contract a lot, to such an extent that when they come, the man does not distinguish the difference between before the orgasm and when it occurs. In addition, it is very often women who can continue to fuck without interruption after coming, and who can chain orgasm to orgasm. So there again, there is no such interruption of fucking that allows men to know when they came. For men who know they are fucking these women with invisible orgasms and want to know when they will come, the only way is to ask them in advance to say when they will come.


Women can have 3 types of orgasms: clitoral, vaginal, and anal. Most women know how to enjoy only one way, either because they don’t know their bodies or because their partners are not performing well enough. Few people know how to enjoy in many different ways.

Clitoral orgasm

Clitoral orgasm is the most common because it requires few techniques for men to provide it. Adequate stimulation with the fingers or tongue (see corresponding chapters) allows clitoral orgasms to be easily achieved. Women are more receptive because many have learned to reach orgasm by masturbating their clitoris. However, there are also women who do not know clitoral orgasm because they have not developed their sensations due to an insufficient or non-existent frequency of masturbation, but also because of inexperienced partners.

Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasm affects far fewer women than the clitoris. Many women have difficulty reaching it with a man, and some have never reached it. It is not a question of lack of receptivity, but a problem of partner performance. Again, many men are not familiar with penetration angle systems (see dedicated chapter) and also do not know that a high speed of friction contributes strongly to the arrival of vaginal orgasm in women.

Anal orgasm

Anal orgasm is more rare because women are reluctant to practice sodomy with men who are inexperienced in this field. Nevertheless, many women who practice sodomy reach it in large numbers, and find anal orgasm more powerful than the vaginal or clitoral. Among these women, some even abandon vaginal penetration to do nothing more than anal sex.

However, it is a technical error to talk exclusively about anal orgasm, as it is provided by simultaneous anal and vaginal stimulation. During sodomy, the cock will create both friction on the anal walls and pressure on the vaginal walls that juxtapose. Orgasm by sodomy is actually the consequence of a double stimulation, and that’s actually why the women who reach it find it more powerful than the other ones.


During the formation and in the orgasm part in women, you will also discover: the role of morphologies, precocity, multi-orgasms, blocking factors, as well as stimulation techniques.