Duck generation:
these men submitted by their wives

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The little duck is the one who comes into the line as soon as mom duck gives him an order or call to order. And for many couples, mom duck is the woman and little duck is the man. And when mom duck says something, whether she’s right or wrong, believe me, Mister duck walks at a walk. I’m talking about this because I see more and more around me. As well, among couples of friends, neighbors, traders or my clientele. So I’m going to share some fun stories that I’ve been able to see.


Anecdote n °1

I call a friend to ask him to do me a favor to film at home to make new videos of erotic massages to illustrate my website. I ask him to be my cameraman, just my cameraman nothing else.

– The answer of my friend: Heuu, I can not, you understand my girlfriend will not agree.
– The Body Expert: But it’s not your girlfriend to whom I ask a service is yours.
– My friend: If I ask him she will not want. – The Body Expert: Pass me your girlfriend, I will negotiate with.
– His girlfriend: No, I do not want you to understand, blah blah blah.

Well, I’m setting a strategy to make her feel guilty, I change her mind in 2 minutes, and she agrees. Yes I know, I handled it, but at the same time she did not give me the choice. Well, I have to go through his girlfriend to validate the fact that his duck guy is doing me a favor. Shame for our poultry.

Anecdote n°2

This is the story of a friend who was dumped by his girlfriend because she discovered porn videos on the computer of it.

– My friend: Vincent, it’s serious. What can I do to recover it?
– The Body Expert: At your age, you do not know how to settle a simple conflict about a porn video? Are you serious ? You’re asking for help for that?
– My friend: Yes but you understand, she is very upset. She’s mad at me. She tells me it’s like I’m cheating on her.
– The Body Expert: Why does she break your balls for porn videos when she has a whole series of dildos that she uses when you’re not there? Are you telling her that she’s cheating on you with her dildos? No.

And although I did not like her girlfriend at all, I gave her the best advice to get her back. And as I expected, he did not follow any. He preferred to apologize day after day for a week. Then by crawling on the floor to use the carpet, things are back in order. Finally … until the next conflict. And as you can imagine, if our duck is already struggling to solve such a minor problem, what will it be when it will be a real problem.

Anecdote n°3

A client meeting for an erotic massage at a couple’s home. The gentleman is a CEO of a large, well-known company. One could say that he must have the authority to manage teams of men who are supposed to be elites. The guy has power in the hands, he influences personalities, weighs on the world economy. But back home, it’s a different story. It is his young wife who gives the orders. And I can tell you that she gives a lot and not a very courteous tone. I think if she had told him to hop around the whole pink tutu apartment, he would have done it.

During the erotic massage:
– Him: You’re not too cold?
– She: No
– Him: Are you sure? Do not you want a towel to warm you up?
– She: No
– Him: You want a pillow?
– She: Bring me that one. Not this one. But you do not see the one I show you ?! Then bring me a glass of champagne. She told him curtly.
– Him: Immediately my darling. Do you want less light? You want this? You want that ?

Come on it’s good, leave it alone. I think that if he had crawled even more, he would have ruined the carpet. As for this beautiful young woman, I had doubts about her job. I hesitated between mannequin or foreman. Even though this Duck was overly cautious, I felt sorry for him so much he was being abused. It’s simple, every time she talks to him, he loses feathers. Personally, leaving to live with a luxury whore, I would have chosen a nicer one.

Anecdote n°4

I go to a couple to do a naturist massage to the woman and the man receives me. We are in the entrance and he tells me that his wife is in the room. We talk then when going to join his wife in the room, he told me seeing my backpack that I can not take him to the room because his wife does not like the backpacks. So we’re going to play a little game. What did I do for you?

Answer A: I made my Duck and I agreed to submit to the whim of Madame leaving a corner corner.
Answer B: I ran to the room throwing my backpack at the foot of the bed and shouting “Allah akbar! ! “(A wink at the paranoid media).
Answer C: I answered the husband “I need my bag so I keep it”.


Some women have specialized in making homemade duck. And as these ducks all bow to their will, they really forget what it is to protest or refuse. Until the day when they meet me and I restore things in the right order. They ask me something in an authoritarian or capricious tone? I refuse. And better, it’s me who gives them orders. And if they refuse, I force them to tell them that I do not do otherwise. They are shocked that they resist them. So sometimes, I also give them a shot of “Not like that, like that“, just to show that they hurt. And surprisingly, they do less harm. Then finally comes the “Haaa! Finally a man! Finally one who takes things in hand. And they become lovable then sweet and seductive afterwards. It’s amazing how predictable it is.
Because yes, there is nothing complicated. To remove disrespect, one must first remove his feather coat. And to inspire respect, it is necessary to put on one’s skin as a beast and preferably that of the Lion by making decisions with an immovable assurance.